New auction: David Caruana - Dirk vd Bulck collectie

Today, Monday November 15. , 1 new auction will start. This auction will end on Sunday November 26.

David Caruana (MT)
Dirk van den Bulck Collection- Part 1

The invaluable Dirk Van Den Bulck bloodlines have started to define the international pigeon racing competition in no time. Numerous fanciers who obtained pigeons of Dirk Van Den Bulck noticed a considerable performance increase. And the Van Den Bulck sprint pigeons proved to combine really well with other bloodlines as well. David Caruana from Malta is particularly fond of the Van Den Bulck breed, which explains the large number of breeders from Grobbendonk in his collection. Some exclusive birds will now be sold in auction, and these originate from such renowned pigeons as Kittel, Goede Rode, Broer Goede Rode, Olympic Rosita, and other iconic pigeons with a great career in pigeon racing. His 'Bulcky' will be sold in part 2 of this auction series.