New auction: Collector's Items & April Auction

Today, Wednesday April 19., 2 new auctions will start. These auctions will end on Sunday April 30.

Collector's Items

In this auction series we sell youngsters from highly renowned pigeons, which have often been sold to foreign countries for a lot of money, or were no longer fertile due to their age. These pigeons are high value collector's items, and PIPA has brought together some of these pigeons in an online auction. This is an auction to look forward to, with a surprising collection of pigeons with special origins.

April Auction

Ever since its foundation PIPA has been striving to become a trusted brand, and thus to become a reliable partner for the most successful pigeons fanciers across the world. Unfortunately some of our clients have been abusing our trust in the past: some potential buyers overestimate their abilities and then find themselves unable to execute the purchase. Pigeons that could not find a new owner will now be sold a second time in this so-called non payers auction.