Look for your favourite pigeons with PIPA's interactive filter

Thanks to the interactive pigeon filter you can look up pigeons in PIPA's current online auctions that meet your specific needs and wishes in an instant. This filter was no longer there since the launch of the new auction platform, but has now been reimplemented and improved upon.

The perfect pigeon in the blink of an eye

The number of pigeons put up for auction on PIPA rises every year. The quality of pigeons remains very high and if you are looking for that one pigeon with certain specific characteristics, it can be a tremendously difficult job to look through all the pigeons on the site to find just the one you are looking for.

The launch of the interactive pigeon filter on PIPA will change that. Thanks to no less than 27 filters, among which price, age, proven racing and breeding performances, and all criteria from our quality control, you will find the pigeon you're looking for in the blink of an eye!

Next to that we have also implemented a new search field in which you can freely enter and search for certain words that correspond with a certain pigeon. If you are looking for children of a specific pigeon, you enter (part of) the band number and the right pigeon will appear.

How does it work?

  The pigeon filter currently works per auction. Below the pigeon intro you can click on the filter icon and the filter options will appear. By either moving the slider or checking multiple criteria, a new list of pigeons will immediately appear that meet the specified criteria.

Each time you adjust the filter, a new list will be displayed.

Next to each criterium you will also be presented with the number of currently available pigeons that meet your filter's criteria. It is only logical that the more specific you make your search criteria the more limited the search results will be.

From this renewed list you can view all the expanded information of each pigeon and immediately place a bid.

Identical information

The information that is displayed will be identical to that of the information on the auction screens you are used to. Through our interactive pigeon filter we simply offer you the additional option of quickly filtering pigeons for sale.