Lambert Hellinx (Bastogne, BE) wins the 1st national Montélimar against 3.624 old pigeons!

Former winner of the international from Marseille against 15.669 pigeons in 1994, Lambert Hellinx came out of his shell once again to book the victory on Montélimar, a race from the famous Rhône Valley Road that he particularly likes.

Lambert with his crack in his racing loft.

Postponed a few weeks in favor of Valence, which this year was designated as the first round of the yearly triptic of the Rhône line, Montélimar was open for yearlings for the first time. A total of 5.136 pigeons were basketted, an amount unfortunately decreasing year after year even though the race can let any fancier make a good selection thanks to its characteristic (heat & tough weather). With the western wind of last Saturday, the East of Belgium was again on top, specifically the province of Limburg was well presented in the national top 10 in both categories.

After a first arrival at the short point around 15h30, the pigeon from Lambert Hellinx quickly came out on top after being the second pigeon announced on PIPA.
Clocked at 15h42''04 after flying a distance of 611 kilometers, the pigeon from Lambert Hellinx obtained an average speed of 1.107,41 m/min, beating at the same time the pigeon from Alberic De Gelissen (Maasmechelen) and another coming from the combination Wauthy-Seleck (Atterte). Only a yearling from Eddy Eereens was able to fly faster (1.117 m/min), granting the old national winner the 2nd highest speed of the whole group of 5.136 pigeons, old birds and yearlings united. Interesting detail: they were the only two pigeons to fly higher than 1.100 m/min which shows the difficulty of the race.

From his 9 basketted pigeons, the Hellinx loft clocked another pigeon that also won a prize in the national results. Clocked at 16h32''56, it won a 145th national place. A third pigeon, which didn't make the national prizes, was clocked to be classified in the provincial results.

A career heckled by tragic events

Being a pigeon fancier for many years, Lambert experienced the best and the worst in his career. The international victory from Marseille (now joined by his victory from Montélimar) won in 1994 will stay forever in his memory, but he will never forget the saddest day of 2002 when a fire destroyed his pigeon loft built in the attic of his house. All the pigeons died in the fire. A few weeks later, his older son died from a tragic accident. Events that are enough to ruin the life of the strongest of men. The same goes for Lambert. He decided then and there to stop his pigeon activities.
But in 2011, under the impulse of his second son, Lambert decided to start over. He ordered a dozen of pigeons in a breeding station and that's how his name appeared on the results once again.


For 2015, the loft was built around 14 olds and 14 yearlings from which only 8 of each are still there. They were coupled on the 5th of April and the hens moved out ten days after the first one had laid an egg. The widowhood and the season could then start.
Lambert choses the race for which he baskets on account of the shape of his pigeons but he particularly likes the race from the Rhône Valley seeing its geographic situation. All the pigeons are basketted on the same race. Before they are put in the basket, most of them can see their hen but this is not the case for each of them. Those who don't see their loved one are very well motivated most of the times.

The winner

The national winner of Montélimar

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The fresh national winner can now enjoy an anticipated retirement as he won't be raced anymore and won't be sold. Moreover, Lambert decided to lend it to his close friend André Guebs so that he can take a few young birds out of him. The pigeon sport can still be a beautiful thing. Congratulations!


Cher Lambert
Félicitations pour votre victoire nationale.

Patrick et Carlo

Un fameux pigeon qui a réalisé 3 x le 1er prix cette année, avant Montélimar!

!!! Encore bravo Lambert !!!

PS: pour ne rien gâcher, ce crack est une pure merveille en main!

Congratulations Mr Lambert Hellinx, keep it up !!