Join our Barcelona quiz and win a grandchild of New Laureaat!

The classic from Barcelona goes hand in hand with our renowned PIPA quiz these days. We will be giving away a top of the line pigeon again this year: a grandchild of New Laureaat, 1st International Barcelona 2013, inbred to Laureaat Barcelona, 1st International Barcelona 1995.

Quality as the determining factor

The longer the distance, the more important the innate qualities of a racing bird. We were pleased to see that the international top three from Barcelona in the past two seasons has been taken by three different nationalities. It shows that the winning pigeons in the most important classic of the season come from all across the globe, and that prizes are won in many different countries. And it shows most of all that a pigeon's genuine strength really shines through here.

Winning bloodlines of New Laureaat and Laureaat Barcelona

Have you always dreamed of winning the classic from Barcelona (again)? Join our PIPA Barcelona Quiz, take the main prize and increase your chances in an instant. Our main prize is none other than a grandchild of New Laureaat. Check out the pedigree of the youngster you can win here. This New Laureaat won a 1st International Barcelona for Luc Wiels in 2013, and he is a great-grandchild of another renowned Barcelona racing bird: Laureaat Barcelona, 1st International Barcelona 1995 for the Gyselbrecht family. New Laureaat, and subsequently his grandchild that will be given away, both originate from a highly successful dynasty. Click here to discover how the Laureaat descendants have dominated the long distance and the extreme long distance competition in recent years.

Join the competition using our online form!

If you want to take a shot at the main prize, you have to guess the average speed of the international winner of Barcelona 2017. All you have to do is place your bet using our special online form and fill out your contact details. Be awareyou have to submit your bet before Friday 7th of July 2017 (CEST!), using our online form only! Bets sent in on Friday the 7th of July or sent in through e-mail will not be deemed valid. Here are the rules for our contest:

  • The person to guess the average speed of the international winner in the international results of Barcelona 2017 or the one with the closest guess (metres per minute) wins the prize. In case of a draw the person to submit his or her guess first will be the winner.
  • Each fancier is allowed to submit one bet only. Bets submitted by family members or other acquaintances that do not have their own KBDB membership number will be deemed invalid. If you do submit more than one guess, only your first bet will be used. 
  • You can only join the contest using the online form, and by filing out your address, your contact details and the speed in metres per minute (three digits after the decimal point, eg 1042.324).
    Please remember to use numbers only; do not write "mpm" or "m/min".
  • Online forms can be submitted until Thursday 6th of July 2017 (23.59h CEST).
  • The winner can have his pigeon sent to him for free or go pick it up at PIPA.

Good luck!