Joël Verschoot (Ingelmunster, BE) now provincial winner from Narbonne yearlings as well

The provincial victory from Narbonne in the yearlings category resulted in a third national prize as well. The 2013 season seems to be an ongoing success story!

All of these magnificent results in 2013 indicate that this has indeed been a very successful season for him. He had already been second General National Champion KBDB in 2011 and 2012 had been splendid as well, with a number of titles including First General Champion in the Inter-West Flemish Union. 2013 was just as successful with several national top prizes, including:

- 1st national Agen (Bordeaux) yearlings
- 1st national Brive old birds
- 2nd national La Souterraine old birds
- 5th national Brive old birds

These prizes prove that he will have a good chance of achieving great results in several important championships as well. The long distance champion from Ingelmunster has now added a third national from Narbonne yearlings to his list of achievements. This is quite a feat! This was another top performance at national level in 2013 and this time it was the pigeon Dos BE12-3041845 that did the job. Joël clocked his Dos on Saturday at 17h51:49” after covering 866.955km. This pigeon has been flying really hard (1330.06 m/min) and it arrived shortly before the province was faced with a heavy storm and heavy rain. That explains why the second provincial nominated pigeon (a one year old) landed 1 hour and 18 minutes later, although it had to complete 9km less compared to the pigeon of Verschoot. As a young bird Dos won a top prize from Fontenay (twice), Tours, Brionne and Guérét (a 442nd provincial place and a 2,428th national place against 16,988 birds). He had already been doing very well in 2013 as well:

- Clermont: 32nd of 337 p. and 87th of 354 p.
- Fontenay: 30th of 238 p.
- Orléans: Long Distance club 10th of 117 p. and provincial 104th of 1,991 p.
- Poitiers: Long Distance club: 9th of 482 p, provincial 32nd of 2,621 p. and national 59th of 13,135 p.
- La Souterraine: Long Distance club 72nd of 335 p, provincial 218th of 1,598 p. and national 701st of 1,1236 p.
- Narbonne: provincial 1st of 662 p. and national 3rd of 3960 p., as well as third international

The sire of Dos is Biba BE07-3010152, winner of an 85th national Montauban 6,822 p, a 71st Pau 2,279 p, a 23rd Poitiers 377 p, a 36th Tulle 780 p. etc. Biba is, for instance, the sire of Pycasso, one of the top class birds in this loft. Biba was bred from Klauw BE01-3025204 x Blauw 919-05 BE05-3191919. The dam of Dos is Jolien BE10-3082469, a full sister of Jordi, winner of a 5th national from Brive this season. Jolien was a successful racing pigeon as well and won, for instance, a 1st Clermont 537 p, 16th Le Mans 440 p, 18th La Souterraine 2,463 p, 64th Blois 1,448 p, 77th Tours 4,503 p, 111th Chateauroux 16,479 p. etc. She stems from De Deprez BE05-3088024 x ’t Bietje BE07-3103155. Click here for the pedigree of Dos.

Joël had basketed three yearlings for Narbonne and they managed to win a first, 120th and 121st provincial prize against 662 pigeons.

This was our report of another excellent performance by Joël Verschoot in 2013. We would like to congratulate him on a magnificent season.