Impressive growth of one loft racing in the United States leads to a need for available statistical information

Pigeon racing has never been hotter in the United States since the presence of one loft racing. One loft racing has already been present in the United States for decades but over the last five years, the participation and prize money has exploded.

There are now hundreds of breeders in the United States who ignore club racing for a variety of reasons and exclusively participate in OLRs.  The highest prices for pigeons are now reserved for those pigeons that excel in OLRs.  A good example of the growth and change is the Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race 2018 in the United States. It will be the first race in the United States that will pay out $1,000,000. $250,000 will go to the winner of the race and the organization promised to increase this already spectacular amount to $500,000 if they get over 6,000 birds in the race.

In contrast to the impressive growth of OLRs in the United States, the transparency and regulations around the breeders on a national level is lacking. For club racing around the United States, there are recognised local, regional and national organizations that have their rules for participation and recognition for the breeders that perform well.

While the regulation of OLRs in the United States is a void that remains to be filled, the leading online news outlet for pigeon racing in the United States – The Loft Report – decided to try to find a solution for this lack of available statistical information.  In 2017, they tracked 19 races, 60 breeders, 13,826 birds and over $2,700,000 dollars in prize money.  The Loft Report has decided to work exclusively with PIPA to distribute the information to a broader international audience and recognize those breeders who were successful in OLRs in the United States.

In order to provide information that was statistically significant, The Loft Report created criteria for tracking races and breeders. OLRs that want to be included in the results had to meet the following criteria:

  • All races had to be completed by December 31, 2017
  • The race must have had over 300 birds entered before the end of the intake period
  • The race has to publish the results online

Below you can find the OLR’s in the United States that met the criteria and were included in the results for 2017:

  • America’s International Challenge (AIC)
  • Blue Bucket Stampede
  • Breeders Fall Classic
  • California Classic
  • Crooked River Challenge
  • Cuevas Classic
  • Flamingo IC
  • Gold Country Challenge
  • Hoosier Classic
  • Lucky 17
  • Mercedes Classic
  • Miami International
  • Pacific Northwest Challenge
  • Peach Classic
  • Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge
  • San Diego Classic/Holiday Cup
  • San Francisco Bay Area Triple Crown
  • Southern Belle
  • Tucson Triple Crown

The breeders that were tracked must have met the following criteria:

  • Sent at least 25 birds to qualified races
  • Sent birds to at least 3 separate qualified races

Below you can find the list of the breeders who met the criteria that were included in the results for 2017. The Loft Report selected the majority of the recognized OLR breeders in the United States.

  • 1-Tony loft
  • Ado Family Loft (AFL)
  • A P C
  • American Dream Loft
  • Baldwin - Tilson
  • Bieche Lofts
  • Bryan Maier
  • Carlton Kroese - Crazy Al
  • Da-Dong
  • Dave Clausing
  • Dave Harrett
  • David Knightes
  • Drama Queen Loft
  • Dream Team
  • Dream Union
  • Duane Gragg
  • Eastern Pearl Loft
  • Ecker/Murphy
  • Elton Dinga
  • Fassio Loft
  • Fleet Washington
  • Flyhome Loft
  • Flying D Loft (Paul Daniel)
  • Ganus Family Loft
  • Genesis Syndicate
  • Greek Connection
  • Hi-Cal Syndicate
  • Hmong Syndicate
  • Huan Qiu Zhang
  • Irish Syndicate
  • J & M Partridge Loft
  • Jones Family Loft
  • KFL - John Karnofel
  • Kim Wong
  • Kolvenbag & Son
  • Marengo Creek Farms
  • Marian Taloi
  • McLaughlin Loft
  • Mesopotamia Loft
  • Modud
  • Morningside Loft
  • Nanez Family Loft
  • Nemelka Racing Pigeon Loft
  • Nemeth Loft
  • Nesneb Racing Loft
  • P N A Loft
  • P N W C/Mark & Johnny
  • Pleasant Task Farm
  • Red Ass Ranch
  • Redtex
  • Richard Callahan
  • Ron Brooks
  • Sandstrom Brothers
  • ShiLoft
  • Sierra Ranch Classic
  • Smith RPL
  • Thunder Birds Breeding Loft
  • Turk Brand/King Brand
  • UTAZ Team
  • Zeke/Michael

The Loft Report provided weekly statistical updates throughout the 2017 United States OLR season for the interested parties in order to submit a final report in 2018.  Below, a couple of the more prestigious statistical categories and the top 15 finishers in those categories that were tracked by The Loft Report can be found.  Please keep in mind that one of the main qualifying characteristics for recognizing breeders was the amount of birds that were sent to the races in order to level the playing field between the breeder who sends out 100s of birds to OLRs and the breeders who sends 30.

Percentage of pigeons that made it to the 1st Race

Prize money won per entered pigeon

The results only include entry fee based prize money and do not include side bets, pooling or special prize pools

Ganus Family Loft is without a doubt one of most successful participants in OLRs in the world.
He has won all the top OLRs in the United States, the 2016 South African Million Dollar and in 2018
the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race. It is no surprise that Ganus Family Loft topped
the prize money results in the United States in 2017.

Percentage of pigeons in the top 10 % for races over 200 miles

Geert Kolvenbag and Son

Percentage of pigeons that finished in money winning positions for races over 200 miles

Marengo Creek Farms

Percentage of entered pigeons in final race


Percentage of pigeons winning prize money in the Final Race


This was the first year that The Loft Report tracked the statistics and the amount of interested people in the statistics in the United States exceeded the highest expectations. Both OLR managers and breeders have provided input to The Loft Report for improving the relevance and quality of the statistics in 2018. The Loft Report hopes that more data will be obtained and published so that top OLR and top breeders in the United States will be recognized for their success. In March, The Loft Report will publish the criteria for the races and breeders for the 2018 statistics. Congratulations to the breeders and races that were recognized in 2017 and good luck in 2018!