Impressive auction weekend with excellent average prices: 6,000 EURO/pigeon, 3,425 EURO/pigeon, 3,103 EURO/pigeon,...

Nine different auctions closed last Sunday, and each one is briefly discussed below.


Kuwait Invest – 1,550 EURO/pigeon – 18 pigeons

The first team to launch their auction this weekend was Kuwait Invest, who invested in pigeons from different sprint champions: Leo Heremans, Jos Cools and Dirk Van Den Bulck. The most expensive pigeon in their collection was a full brother of the current stars of Leo Heremans 'Vooruit' and 'Walter'. This pigeon was sold to Poland for 3,800 EURO.

A niece of Dirk Van Den Bulck's Kittel was sold for no less than 3,600 EURO, and will be shipped to China. The 18 pigeons raised almost 28,000 EURO. Fanciers from China showed particular interest in this auction, with no less than 11 pigeons being sold to Chinese fanciers. The other pigeons went to The Netherlands (2), Ireland (2), Iraq (1), Germany (1), and Poland (1).

Best of CZ Republic – 1,317 EURO/pigeon – 12 pigeons

Next up was a group of top class pigeons from the Czech Republic. No less than three Olympiad Pigeons were sold in auction, and they raised 4,400 EURO, 2,300 EURO and 1,100 EURO respectively. The 12 pigeons raised 15,800 EURO in total and will be shipped to Taiwan (4), Japan (4), China (1), Thailand (1), Bangladesh (1) and Poland (1).

Jos Thoné Collection – 1,114 EURO/pigeon – 14 pigeons

A number of fanciers offered for sale a group of youngsters from their direct Jos Thoné champions. These 14 pigeons raised 15,600 EURO. The eye-catchers of this auction were two youngsters of Cavendish, which have been sold for 2,400 and 1,300 EURO respectively. Two youngsters of Kajo were sold for 1,700 and 1,500 EURO. Almost 50% of the pigeons in this auction will be shipped to China (6 out of 14), with the other pigeons having been sold to fanciers from India (4), United States (2), Bangladesh (1) and Saoudi Arabia (1).

Eddy & Maarten Leutenez – 1,250 EURO/pigeon – 6 pigeons

Father & son Leutenez sold 'Chibolleke', a talented breeding hen and the dam of 2 first prize winners, along with 5 youngsters of their best breeders. The most expensive pigeon in this auction was a direct son of Bolleken, which goes to China for 1,700 EURO. The second most expensive Leutenez pigeon was a daughter of their 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon, which goes to a Belgian loft for 1,300 EURO. The 6 pigeons are going to China (2), Belgium (2), Taiwan (1), and South Africa (1).

Hans Besseling – 3,103 EURO/pigeon – 19 pigeons

Hans Besseling was selling an impressive collection of Jan Hooymans pigeons. Besseling achieved some great results with his descendants of Harry. The most expensive pigeon in this auction was a son of Harry, which goes to Saudi Arabia for 9,400 EURO. Three direct Jan Ouwerkerk pigeons were highly wanted as well, and raised 8,800, 8,400 and 5,000 EURO respectively. This was quite a successful auction with an overall revenue of 60,000 EURO. The pigeons were sold to China (7), Taiwan (5), India (2), The Netherlands (2), USA (2), The United Kingdom (1), Denmark (1) & Saudi Arabia (1).

Karlo Van Rompaey – 1,500 EURO/pigeon – 9 pigeons

Karlo Van Rompaey is nicknamed Mister Bourges, and with good reason: he won an impressive three national first prizes in this queen's race. The stars in this auction were descendants of Hattrick x Prima Dona, two national first prize winners from Bourges. Their youngsters were sold for 3,000 and 2,700 EURO respectively. Other youngsters of breeding cock Hattrick were sold for 1,600 EURO and 1,300 EURO. Our Karlo Van Rompaey auction attracted fanciers from across the globe: Belgium (3), China (1), Romania (1), Spain (1), South Africa (1), Taiwan (1) and Thailand (1).

F & J Vandenheede – 1,773 EURO/pigeon – 11 pigeons

The brothers from Zingem were selling a fine collection of youngsters from their Freddy bloodline. The most expensive pigeon in this collection was Freddy's Favourite, which is a son of Calypso, a double grandson of New Freddy. This pigeon was sold for 3,200 EURO. Another son of Calypso was sold for 2,200 EURO. The 11 pigeons were sold for close to 20,000 EURO overall, and will be going to China (5), Taiwan (4), Belgium (1), and Thailand (1).

Jan Eskes – 6,000 EURO/pigeon – 4 pigeons

Jan Eskes won a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon NPO young birds with De Gert, and this very racing bird was now sold in auction. He was eventually sold to a Chinese fancier for 13,800 EURO. A full brother of De Gert will be going to China as well for 2,500 EURO, with another brother going to Taiwan for 1,900 EURO. Another talented racing bird called De Johan is going to India for 5,800 EURO.

Etienne Meirlaen – 3,425 EURO/pigeon – 12 pigeons

This weekend's last auction was that of grandmaster Etienne Meirlaen, who was selling a hyper exclusive son of stock breeder Yelena x Montali that carries the AA gene. This pigeon was sold to a German fancier for an astounding 22,000 EURO. Another valuable pigeon in this collection was a sister of Miss Agen, which goes to China for 5,800 EURO. The pigeons will be shipped to China (4), Taiwan (4), Germany (1), Japan (1), Belgium (1) and Trinidad & Tobago (1).