Guo Weicheng (Great Wall) strikes hard in the second Pioneer race, the annual highlight of the Chinese pigeon racing season!

The Pioneer International Racing Pigeon Club in Beijing has become a highly regarded race not just in China but at international level as well. Every year the Chinese racing season revolves entirely around this race.

In those four weeks numerous renowned fanciers compete for the most prestigious title in China, both inside and outside the Pioneer Club premises. On 2nd of November a total of 3,562 pigeons from 167 different fanciers were basketed for the second race, which was to take off the following day in Heze (500km),in the Shandong province. The pigeons were released at 7:36am, ready to fly into a strong headwind all day. About seven hours later one pigeon suddenly fell from the sky, and the name of Guo Weicheng appeared on the screen (1,192 m/min.). Guo Weicheng has always been a trusted PIPA client and he is probably the biggest collector of pigeons worldwide. Another series of pigeons arrived home a few minutes later, both around the loft itself and around the domain. But no other pigeon would come close to dethroning Guo Weicheng, who in fact had five more pigeons in the top 10 (9th, 13th, 15th, 16th and 17th). He did in fact have five more pigeons in the top 20 (9th, 13th, 15th, 16th and 17th prize), outperforming the rest of the pack.

This was already his second victory, since Victor had also claimed a win the day before against 1,756 pigeons (1,228 m/min) in the third race of the Baigeyuan Club in Beijing. In fact, no less than 11 top 20 places were won by trusted PIPA clients.

The third race takes place on Friday 10th of November, and it promises to be an equally exciting event!