Gino Clicque thanks PIPA for a fantastic auction

The Gino Clicque auction was a gigantic project that had been launched by the seller and the entire PIPA team. It proved a complete success, with Golden Prince breaking the record of most expensive pigeon ever sold. Team Clicque was delighted and particularly pleased with how successful this auction turned out to be, and this in turn means a lot to us; it makes us proud and happy.

Wevelgem 6th of March 2017

Dear PIPA team,

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the amazing pigeon auction we had last weekend.
It takes a well organised team to organise such a large-scale project and such a successful auction.
It took a lot of confidence in your organsation to auction our life's work but we can only say that
we have been working together really well from start to finish. It goes without saying
that you have completed this project with resounding success.

In addition, we managed to break a world record with Golden Prince, which is now the most expensive pigeon ever to be sold!
This was never a goal as such but it is a big honour for a fancier nonetheless. Golden Prince continues to amaze,
even after his racing career.

We are very pleased to see our pigeons travel to every part of the world. Yet, a substantial number of pigeons 
will not be leaving Belgium, which we are very happy about as well.

We would like to thank the entire PIPA team for their hard work and dedication!

Gino Clicque

The Gino Clicque family getting together with the PIPA team and their friends from South Africa after the auction