Geert and Annick Vanrenterghem (Deinze, BE) thank PIPA for their great work and for a successful auction

PIPA is always trying to keep their suppliers happy by helping them prepare and organise their auction in the best way possible, and by presenting their auction to the public in great detail. We were obviously very proud when Geert and Annick Vanrenterghem expressed their appreciation shortly after their auction, which closed on 5th of February.

2,540 EURO, that was the average sale price for the Vanrenterghem pigeons

Hello Nikolaas, Thomas and Martin

We would like to say thank you to the entire PIPA team for this magnificent auction that PIPA organised to perfection. Your team has an exceptional degree of expertise and customer satisfaction that makes you a unique organisation worldwide. We clearly noticed during our collaboration a strong determination to satisfy both the buyer and seller. We would like to say thank you! We are more than happy. We would also like to thank our big example and mentor Gaby Vandenabeele!

We really felt appreciated and respected, and this is mainly thanks to you and your team.

Annick and Geert

Top class racing and breeding bird Orlandor was the star of this auction

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