Gaby Vandenabeele gets 157,000 EURO for 24 young birds! Most expensive youngster cost 25,000 EURO

The Gaby Vandenabeele auction closed on Sunday, a brief report of which can be found below.

Gaby Vandenabeele – 24 young birds – 6,579 EURO/pigeon

Gaby Vandenabeele sold an exclusive group of youngsters in a PIPA auction for the fifth time. This auction was slightly different, with a bigger collection that not only included youngsters of Rudy, Super Romeo & New Bliksem but also youngsters of some other renowned breeders. The event was a major success, with an overall revenue of 157,900 EURO for 24 youngsters.

The most expensive young birds are 2 youngsters of Rudi, which were sold to China and Taiwan for 25,000 EURO and 13,400 EURO respectively.

The 24 young birds have been sold to the following countries: China (11), Iraq (3), Thailand (2), Taiwan (2), USA (2), Romania (1), Germany (1), Japan (1), and The United Kingdom (1).

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