Five auctions will end on Monday 4 December

On Monday 4 December five auctions will end: Göbel-van der Sluis, Gebr. Scheele, Cor de Heijde, Crehan & O'Connor and Mark Gilbert.

Gobel-van der Sluis (NL)

Leo Heremans Collection
This combination consists of pigeon doctors Stephan Göbel and Hans van der Sluis, and Stephan's father Dick-Jan Göbel. Together they have a wonderful collection of Heremans pigeons. Their Blue Bullet in particular proved highly talented, having bred not one but two National ace pigeons and tens of first prize winners. And the other Leo Heremans descendants in their collection proved highly capable as well. We are selling pigeons from the very bloodlines that made Leo from Vorselaer a world famous fancier.

Gebr Scheele (NL)

Youngsters of his best breeders

The Scheele brothers had another fantastic season in 2017. Their most notable result was without doubt their two first prizes NPO in just two weeks' time. Racing bird Lars was victorious in the NPO races from La Souterraine, and days later Herman claimed a first prize NPO from Limoges. This was an impressive feat from a team that has been a leading name in The Netherlands for many years now. Their success story is largely founded on their stock breeder Superboy. We present to you this young birds' auction that is mainly themed around Superboy; and we are selling youngsters from his other stars as well.

Cor de Heijde (NL)

Young birds from all of his best breeders
Cor de Heijde and the Klamper dynasty are inevitably linked, and rightly so. Cor won a 1st National Perpignan with a youngster of Klamper already in 1997. We are now 20 years later, and the descendants of this phenomenon continue to claim national victories, not just in Cor's loft but for many other fanciers both at home and abroad. Such renowned breeders as Perpignan-Doffer and Don MIchel are now the leading names in the breeding loft, along with some more recent superstars, including Marianne (1st Nat. St. Vincent 2014), Blue Dream (1st Nat. Barcelona Hens) and Kleine Blauwe (1st Nat. St. Vincent 2015). Youngsters from each of these renowned birds will be sold in auction.

Crehan & O’Connor (UK)

Youngsters of their best breeders
John Crehan became a highly renowned pigeon fancier thanks to an extensive list of victories. His achievements are nearly impossible to match; he is simply outstanding in the Federations, and he is equally successful in the Central Lancashire combine, where he claimed four wins against thousands of pigeons in 2017. His Jan Hooymans pigeon collection plays a crucial role in his racing loft, and so do the descendants of his renowned Mystique. We are now selling youngsters of all of his best pigeons.

Mark Gilbert (UK)

Barcelona Special
British allrounder Mark Gilbert gained international fame with his excellent results in the international classics, which include his national victories from Pau and St. Vincent in 2016. It has been Mark's lifelong dream to take the international first prize from Barcelona, and he obtained some super class bloodlines to achieve that goal. Among them is Kannibaal Barcelona of Etienne Meirlaen, 1st Interprov. & 4th Int. Barcelona winner and already the sire of a 1st Nat. Agen, as well as Golden Barcelona, 2nd Int. Barcelona pigeon 2012-2014 and Golden Wing winner in 2014. Mark is now selling youngsters of these renowned Barcelona champions in a prestigious PIPA auction.