Ending auctions: Jan Eskes, June Auction, Hollywood and Collector's items

The following auctions will end on Sunday 24 June: Jan Eskes, June Auction, Hollywood and Collector's items.
June Auction
Unfortunately it happens occasionally that a fancier betrays our confidence, especially when a fancier places a bid that turns out not to be within his financial means. Pigeons that do not change owners are now offered for sale a second time in this non-payers auction' on PIPA.

Leo Xue - Hollywood (CN)
Youngsters of his best breeders
We are selling six high value youngsters, offered for sale by Chinese investor Mr. Xue Yuqin, owner of the Shanghai Hongda International Racing Pigeon Breeding Center.
Jan Eskes (NL)
National ace birds + original Leo Heremans birds
One of the last auctions of this season will surely attract much attention. Ace fancier Jan Eskes does not only offer 15 direct Leo Heremans birds but two national ace birds of 2017 as well! Two diamonds in the sky! Take for example the 1st National Ace Bird Youngster NPO 2017, which also won the title of 3rd Best Youngster from Holland in the PIPA rankings. It's a 100% Heremans and three of his grandparents will also be put up for auction. In addition, Jan offers the 1st Best Youngster from Holland in the PIPA rankings. Two ace racers in auction which also offers breeders of the very best quality. As said before: 15 direct Heremans birds, all with an extensive list of breeding references. Children of world-famous pigeons such as Donker Aske, De Power, Jan Junior, Hugo and many more.
Collector's Items
Some fanciers have a type of pigeon in their collection that no one else has, often without even realizing it. Think of highly special breeding or racing birds, or a youngster or brother/sister of a renowned pigeon that was recently sold to a foreign country. Others come from a special pairing that has only given a handful of youngsters, whose descendants turn out to be exceptionally gifted. You get the picture: these Collector's Items are highly exclusive pigeons. PIPA is always on the outlook for such exclusive pigeons, which we then offer for sale in a Collector's Items auction, which are held a few times a year. This is a unique opportunity to add a very unique pigeon to your collection.