Dominique Velghe thanks PIPA for a highly successful sale

Over the years, customer satisfaction has been one of PIPA's prime objectives. We were particularly pleased to hear that Dominique Velghe, who sold 111 pigeons for 315,425 EURO on PIPA last weekend, was very satisfied with the results of his auction.

Dear PIPA team,

I had a great experience yesterday, which I find hard to put into words. It was such an extraordinary sale, no one could have hoped for such an outcome! Planning, collaboration and preperation were excellent, turning this sale into a big success. Congratulations to the PIPA team for your professional approach!

I have been thinking a lot about the late André Verbesselt in recent days, who provided me with some invaluable advice. Thank you André and your lovely wife Lieve!

I would like to personally thank all the buyers for their confidence. I wish them all the best with the pigeon or pigeons that they purchased.

Kind regards and thanks!


Dominique Velghe, a pupil of the late one loft specialist André Verbesselt, showing one of his champions