Dominique Velghe (BE) all old birds + youngsters of his best breeders

One of our sport's great has decided to take a few steps back: Dominique Velghe will be getting rid of his world renowned collection of One Loft Race breeders. al pigeons from 2016 and older will be put up for auction, which means a sensational collection of Verbesselt, Aelbrecht, Heremans, Vandenabeele, Devos and Maes descendants will be offered for sale.

His decision to get rid of his pigeon collection also marks the end of his career as professional pigeon photographer; this is clearly the end of an era!

The renowned Velghe pigeon family took shape thanks to a strong friendship between Dominique and the late André Verbesselt, the unofficial champion of the One Loft Races, and owner of an invaluable collection of Aelbrecht pigeons. Dominique obtained youngsters of all of André's best breeders, and this allowed him to continue the life's work of his good friend. He took this task very seriously, and went on to win an impressive number of top results in the One Loft Races in recent years:

One Million Dollar Race (top 100 final race):

      2014; 32nd final of 3,478 p. (1st Belgian pigeon)
      2015; 17th-28th-49th-95th final of 2,453 p. (1st, 2nd & 3rd Belgian pigeon)
      2016; 84th final of 2,161 p. (3rd Belgian pigeon)
      2017; 75th final of 2,434 p.

Golden Algarve Race (Portugal)

      2015; 28th final (2nd Belgian pigeon)
      2016; 6th finale (2nd Belgian pigeon)
      2017; 49th & 93rd final (2nd & 6th Belgian pigeon)
                     14th Hot Spot 1 of 2,937 p.
                     24th Hot Spot 2 of 2,812 p.

Sevilla Pigeons Race (Spain) 2017

       7th final of 545 p.
       1st prijs Hotspot 2 of 819 p.
       8th ace pigeon of 1,186 p.
      15th prize Hotspot 2 of 819 p.
      10th prize Hotspot 1 of 869 p.

Besides his impressive collection of Verbesselt breeders, Dominique also obtained pigeons of some of Belgium's most renowned fanciers: Marcel Aelbrecht, Gaby Vandenabeele, Etienne Devos and Anthony Maes. The team's most iconic breeders, Golden Eggs, (De Rauw – Sablon), Perfect Rudi (Gaby Vandenabeele – son Rudi) and Mister Dollar (Etienne Devos) will be sold along with a group of youngsters. And to add to that, we are selling 8 brothers and sisters of two of the current best racing birds of Leo Heremans: Leo (030/14), winner of the title of 8th Nat. ace pigeon sprint KBDB 2016 with four first prirzes, and De 027, winner of a 1st-2nd-2nd-2nd-3rd prize. These pigeons are likely to develop into world class sprint pigeons in the years to come.

This is a top class pigeon auction in which we bring you the full collection of Velghe pigeons (minus a few youngsters of 2017). The King of One Loft Racing is saying goodbye, and PIPA is proud to be organising such an exclusive online auction!

Start: 27-12-2017
End: 07-01-2018