Death of Mr Guy Nihoul (Senzeilles, BE)

We've just received the information that Mr Guy Nihoul has passed away.

Guy Nihoul (on the left) and his father Roland in 2012, after they were crowned as 1st National Champion Long Distance KBDB.

Guy Nihoul lost his fight against the disease yesterday 26th of october. He and his whole family had expected an improvement of his health but the situation has became worst all of a sudden. He struggled until the end thinking about his family and his pigeons, wonderfully cared since then by his wife, Françoise, his son-in-law, Anthony, and his father, Roland. Retired since a few years, he spent all his time between his family and his pigeons. He was a very dedicated pigeon fancier who prooved since a long time his real worth: with his father, they were crowned 3x 1st National Champion Long Distance KBDB in only 4 years of time (2008-2009-2011). Only Rudi De Saer deprived them of their title in 2010.
Moreover, Guy always proposed his help when it was necessary. Indeed, he helped and adviced several young pigeon fanciers.
Guy also made the choice to work exclusively with PIPA since many years. He was a loyal and faithful customers throughout all these years. It is now with a great sadness that we announce he just passed away.

In the name of all the PIPA staff, we extend our condolences to Françoise, Roland and the rest of his family and loved ones.


Aan de familie van Guy

Hierbij leven wij mee met de familie bij het verlies van u dierbare

Debusschere Roger

C'est avec une profondeur tristesse que nous avons appris la disparition de monsieur Guy Nihoul. Nous avons eu la chance de le rencontrer. Il a été non seulement un grand monsieur de notre sport mais aussi, une personne possédant d'énormes qualités humaines.
Nous présentons nos sincères condoléances à son épouse, à ses parents ainsi qu'à toute sa famille et ses proches.

Didier et Benoît Emo.