Deaf pigeon fanciers meet at Fugare to call on fellow deaf players

Keeping pigeons as a deaf person? No big deal. We met with Geert, Marcel and Arnaud at the PIPA stand at Fugare. They are deaf pigeon fanciers from Belgian and France, and they would like to launch a call.

On the right of Nikolaas Gyselbrecht we see Geert de Weweire (Belgian). Arnaud Duborper is on the left (Frenchman).
On the bottom left we see Marcel Van Braeckevelt (Belgian). Erwin Breemersch (Belgian) is not included in the picture.

A group of deaf pigeon fanciers from Belgium and France had organised to meet at Fugare in Kortrijk on Saturday 16th of February 2019. The fanciers met each other using the international sign language, and they were soon talking about pigeons and all matters related to pigeon racing.

The deaf fanciers hope to meet each other more often in the future, to exchange experiences and to break the cycle of isolation. They would like to get and stay in touch with other deaf or hard-of-hearing pigeon fanciers from England, Poland, Italy, Romania, etc. 

Geert, Arnaud and Marcel are convinced that there are several more deaf pigeon fanciers across Europe that are dealing with the same struggles.

A call

And that is why they are launching a call:
Do you happen to know a deaf pigeon fancier? Do not hesitate to have them read this article, or to explain its content through sign language. You can contact us through e-mail at lsem.lddgai@pairgoocewfon m.

"We are hoping to encourage deaf pigeon fanciers from across the globe tot get in touch with each other, so that they can exchange their experiences as fanciers", Geert explains.