Crehan/Hooymans auction closes at 4,457 EURO/pigeon – Barcelona Special The Netherlands 3,113 EURO/pigeon

99 pigeons were sold today, across 8 different auctions. The overall revenue amounted to 164,650 EURO or an average of 1,663 EURO per pigeon.

Performance Pigeons – 24 pigeons – 1,427 EURO/pigeon
A select group of top class racing birds are sold together in a Performance Pigeons auction a few times a year. This edition's most expensive bird was a renowned youngster of Roziers-Xiang, which goes to Canada for 4,200 EURO. The second and third most expensive pigeon both came from Anton Hendriksen, and they were sold to The United Kingdom for 2,900 and 2,000 EURO. The 24 pigeons were sold to China (5), Taiwan (5), Belgium (3), Japan (3), Italy (2), Columbia (2), The United Kingdom (2),  Canada (1), Thailand (1). The overall revenue for this auction was 34,250 EURO.

Jochman Zdenek – 18 pigeons – 992 EURO/pigeon

This champion from the Czech Republic sold his best racing birds in auction. The most expensive bird was Sale 1, a 1st Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance from the Czech Republic, which goes to Germany for 3,400 EURO. The overall revenue for 18 pigeons was 17,850 EURO, with pigeons being sold to fanciers from Germany (7), China (2), the USA (2), Columbia (1), Hungary (1), Japan (1), The Philippines (1), Poland (1), Thailand (1), and Taiwan (1).

Vermeerbergen-Wilms-Mostmans – 12 pigeons – 1,229 EURO/pigeon

​It was for the first time that sprint pigeons from this combination were sold in a proper PIPA auction. It was a great success, with an overall revenue of 14,750 EURO. The most expensive bird was sale 1, which was sold to a Polish fancier for 2,800 EURO. The other pigeons were sold to Belgium (5), China (3), The United Kingdom (1), Kuwait (1) and Taiwan (1).

Barcelona Special Nederland – 12 pigeons – 3,113 EURO/pigeon
Youngsters of the top 10 national from Barcelona in The Netherlands were sold in a special auction. Last year's race from Barcelona was a heroic event, and so the auction attracted many potential buyers over the past two weeks. The most expensive pigeon was a youngster of Saar, 2nd National Barcelona of Jelle Jellema, which goes to Japan for 8,400 EURO. The second and third most expensive pigeons are two youngsters of the 1st International of 2017, which was bred by Batenburg-Van de Merwe. These two youngsters were sold to a fancier from Saudi Arabia and Germany, for 7,000 and 6,800 EURO respectively. The overall revenue for the 12 pigeons amounted to 37,350 EURO, with buyers coming from Taiwan (6), Japan (2), The United Kingdom (2), Germany (1), and Saudi Arabia (1).

Ivan & Willy Baetens – 8 pigeons – 1,544 EURO/pigeon 

After a fantastic 2017 racing season, Ivan & Willy Baetens offered for sale 8 special youngsters from their best racing and breeding birds. The most expensive young bird was a youngster of their 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2017, which goes to a Belgian loft for 2,600 EURO. The overall revenue was 12,350 EURO for 8 youngsters. The pigeons were sold to Belgium (4), Kuwait (2), Taiwan (1) and Japan (1).

Adrie Van der Rhee – 10 pigeons – 1,050 EURO/pigeon
In the wake of a highly successful sale of Adrie Van der Rhee's best racing and breeding birds in late 2017, an additional 10 youngsters were offered for sale, bred from his best bloodlines. The most expensive young bird is a youngster of Leeuwinnetje, which was sold to a fellow Dutchman for 1,500 EURO. The 10 pigeons raised 10,500 EURO overall, and were sold to fanciers from The Netherlands (5), Thailand (2), Columbia (2), and Greece (1).

Jan Hooymans/John Crehan – 7 pigeons – 4,457 EURO/pigeon
John Crehan is one of Great Britain's most successful players, competing at a high level with direct Jan Hooymans pigeons. In this auction we had two of his Olympiad Pigeons. The most expensive bird is Olympic Janette, she goes to China for 12,200 EURO. The 7 pigeons raised 31,200 EURO in total, and will be travelling to China (4), Taiwan (2) and Germany (1).

Bartosz Morel – 8 pigeons – 800 EURO/pigeon
The young Polish fancier raised a number of breeding birds and flown youngsters. The most expensive pigeon was a youngster of New Freddy, which goes to Taiwan for 2,400 EURO. The overall revenue for the 8 pigeons was 6,400 EURO, with buyers coming from Kuwait (3), Columbia (1), Qatar (1), Thailand (1), Taiwan (1), and The USA (1).