Comb. Verbree (Putten, NL) takes the win in the zone from Issoudun in the Northern Union of 6,969 pigeons

The race from Issoudun in zone 2 gets a second prestigious winner: Co and Piet Verbree take the win against 6,969 pigeons in the zone with NL18-1620168 Salina. She demonstrated her strength racing into a headwind and in rising temperatures.
This was a splendid victory for the father-son combination from Putten, who gladly added another big win to their long list of achievements.
Taking the win in a 646km race in difficult conditions - it is well within the capabilities of the Verbree racing bird. The team had a difficult early season, and they were often out of luck in the releases for Province 7. As a result, Co and Piet had basketed 'just' 20 pigeons for Issoudun. "Our main focus is the NPO competition but we decided not to ask too much of our rather inexperienced team." The yearlings had only raced in the 2018 natour competition as youngsters, because Co was having some serious health issues at the time. "You risk losing a lot of your yearlings, and those that can make it through the first few weeks of racing would still need need some more time to get used to the competition. With that in mind, our first prize from Issoudun could suggest that we have some promising weeks of racing ahead of us still."

Race winner Salina

Apparently, the blue coloured hen Salina was quite pleased with the way Co and Piet are treating their racing birds: she is now one of many illustrious race winners for team Verbree. She arrived home like a bullet on the 22nd of June, racing in a clear blue sky during the warmest moment of the day. She travelled almost 9 and a half hours and she completed 646km, eventually taking the win in Zone 2 of the Northern Union against 6,969 pigeons. This was a magnificent result for a pigeon that stems from some fantastic bloodlines!
The dam of Salina is one of the last youngsters that were bred from the phenomenal Olympic Samantha right before she was sold. Samanta is the winner of:
      Olympiad Pigeon middle distance Brussels 2017
      1st Nat. ace hen WHZB/TBOTB 2015
      1st best middle distance pigeon NL PIPA Ranking 2015
      1st best sprint/middle distance pigeon NL PIPA Ranking 2015
      2nd Nat. ace pigeon middle distance WHZB/TBOTB 2015
      2nd Nat. ace pigeon sprint/middle distance WHZB/TBOTB 2015
      1st PS Maxence       –  4,331 p.
      1st Feluy            –  1,279 p.
      1st Morlincourt      -    218 p.
      8th NPO PS Maxence   – 15,083 p.
Samanta stems from the fantastic pair Conto (brother Golden Crown) x Caprina (daughter Di Caprio Van Dyck). And she had been paired to another fantastic bird called Platino. In other words, Samanta combines two excellent bloodlines! "With such origins, we do not really care for their eyes or their backs anymore", says Piet. Platino is still part of the Verbree breeding team, and he was quite a racing bird back in the day:
      2nd Nat. ace cock WHZB/TBOTB 2016
      3rd Nat. ace pigeon natour NPO 2015
      8th best yearling NL PIPA Ranking 2015
      1st NPO Troyes – 6,372 p. & fastest of 12,748 p.
            3rd Nat. S3 Troyes – 17,156 p. & car price
      Winner of 5 first prizes in total
Platino stems from some terrific bloodlines as well! His sire is the fantastic breeder Rico, a direct Jan & Rick Hermans. The dam is Svetlana, a great hen and a direct Jan Hooymans. Platino is himself the grandfather of several first prize winners and NPO top 100 winners, now including the zonal winner Salina.
The sire of Salina is the fantastic Top Boy, a direct Wim De Troy. He is a brother of Wonder Woman, winner of a 1st Nat. La Souterraine and the fastest of 19,554 p.
Click here for the pedigree of Salina
Co: "We are always looking for new reinforcements, and we are particularly fond of pigeons that win races of 600km+ in Belgium." Top Boy was clearly an excellent addition; you can tell from the pedigree of NL18-1620129 Alvaro, another talented newcomer in this team. His sire is Mantano, which is a son of Top Boy x Olympic Samanta. The dam stems from Conto, which is in turn a half sister of Olympic Samanta. Alvaro has shown to be a pigeon with great potential, having won three top prizes in just three weeks' time:
      1e Bourges        – 1,728 p. / 8th NPO 5,274 p.
      1e Lessines       –   272 p. / 14th – 1,688 p.
      10e PS Maxence    – 1,796 p.

The Verbree pigeons are raced in total widowhood, with the partner traditionally staying at home. Piet explains: "We never show the partner before the races. They do not get in contact with their partner upon arrival in the first few weeks either, and the next step is that they can merely see their hens. It is only in the last few weeks that they can actually spend some time together." As for medical guidance, they rely on the services of Fernand Mariën. The feed and the supplements are selected by Dick de Leeuw from the Beijers company, in consultation with Co and Piet.
Issoudun shows us that the Verbree combination is always ready to deliver if a race demands top quality birds. It sounds as if the competition has not changed all that much over the years.