Chinese delegation accompanies PIPA on a visit to the Vandenheede brothers

On the 18th of June 2011 a very important Chinese delegation from the Chinese embassy in Belgium, paid a visit to the Vandenheede brothers in Zingem, along with PIPA & Gordon Chiu (the most famous and best pigeon fancier in China ).

On the 18th of June 2011 a very important Chinese delegation visited the Vandenheede brothers in Zingem. These people from the Chinese embassy in Belgium came into contact with PIPA last year during a lecture organised by the Flemish-Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Antwerp. There was a strong fascination for the sport in this group and therefore they asked PIPA to arrange a visit to one of the most famous pigeon fanciers in Belgium. This visit took place on the day of the homecoming from Cahors. However, due to the postponed liberation, they were able to see the arrivals from La Chatre. In the first photo, to the left of Nikolaas, you can see Mr Gordon Chiu, a monument in the Chinese pigeon sport. Everyone in China knows Gordon ; he is a gifted pigeon fancier, the number 1 of Shanghai and indeed of the whole of China. He is also in great demand as a writer for the biggest magazines in China. Next year in 2012 he will organise, together with PIPA, a big seminar for which a few well-known pigeon fanciers from Belgium and the Netherlands will be invited. His dream is not only to introduce the Belgian and Dutch pigeons to China, but in particular transmit the knowledge of the game with pigeons in Europe to China. And according to Gordon it’s a big job !


LaoZi zei: "授人以鱼,不如授人以渔"

Ik ben zeer verheugd dat PIPA zijn schouders onder dit (kennisoverdracht) wilt zetten. Dit zal zeker de kwaliteit van de duivensport in China op verschillende vlakken vooruit helpen.

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