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Manchester is known world-wide as the centre of football. However, it is not only famous for success in this branch of sport. The Crehan & O'Connor partnership from Salford (Greater Manchester) have been topping the prize lists in UK middle distance racing for quite some time now. Believing it was time to make a fresh start, the partnership decided to sell all its old birds from 3 to 16 November 2014.

John Crehan and daughter

First-prize winners, ace birds and offspring from world-renowned bloodlines. That is what John Crehan and partner Dave Hulmes have in store for you. Their most valuable pigeon called Mystique is the sale's crown jewel. This chequered Koopman hen won the title of 1st Regional Ace Pigeon RPRA (1,800 members) twice and finished her career with nine first prizes. Widely regarded as one of the best British racers of his millennium, she has in the meantime proven her worth in the breeding loft where she bred the nest brothers Vitali, six-time first-prize winner and 1st National Ace Bird All-Round (0-450 miles) RPRA 2013, and Vladimir, five-time first-prize winner and 3rd National Ace Bird (0-250 miles) RPRA 2013. Both be sold along with their mother. Click here to check out the sale catalogue in which more eye-catching pigeons are displayed.


This will prove to be one of the best teams of pigeons offered on PIPA this entire auction season. There are winners, breeders of winners and pigeons that can only be described as 'Once in a lifetime breeders' littered throughout the sale. This is a team of pigeons that represent a mans lifetime work in pigeons and no expense was ever spared in obtaining the bloodlines from the pigeon worlds absolute best fanciers. They have been masterfully blended together by a pigeon expert and many winners will will bred from the pigeons on offer in this auction and in my humble opinion this team of pigeons would stand side by side with any of the biggest names on the continent, I know this because I have had to compete against them for the last 8 years and I know first hand just how good they are.

Best of Luck with the auction John.

Les Green

This is one of the most impressive team of pigeons to come on the open market, a team of pigeons that are winning and breeding winners galore allover the U.K, From a man that has lived and breathed pigeons with every heart beat for the last decade. They have achieved a fantastic collection of results against some of the uk's finest and i am sure they will go on the produce such results all over the world for the lucky lucky buyers.
Some of the very best bloodlines from allover Europe have been blinded to form a brilliant winning gene pool.

All the very best of luck John in the future.

Simon Hughes.

Good luck John al the best for the future

having travelled all over Europe visiting top winning lofts over last thirty years , The J. Crehan birds are has good as I have seen in that time , fantastic winning bloodlines made into a winning team , all the best in the future John

ps having been there on race days to see a team perform winning feds and combines from England and France is something that will be in my memories for ever David Parker

Very Happy Very Happy best of luck with sale you deserve it

I First Approach John in Summer of 2011 For obtaining Future Stock and I can Honestly Say John Pigeons are Pure Class who ever Buys from this Sale will be not be Disappointed in the Quality of Pigeon when they Receive Them,The best Move I ever Made was Bringing John Birds into my Loft,All the Best With The Sale John