Bourges II - National winners: Jos Vercammen, Op de Beeck-Baetens & Hok Parijs

The national winner of the most prestigious young bird race of the year, Bourges, is famous top loft Jos Vercammen. They don't just win 1st National Bourges young birds, they win 1st and 2nd fastest in the whole race against almost 65.000 pigeons (young birds + yearlings + old birds). An amazing result! Op de Beeck-Baetens from Putte win 1st National yearlings and Hok Parijs win 1st National old birds. Below more info.

National result available by clicking 'Racing Season' - 'Bourges II' - 'Official Results'

Winner National Bourges young birds (1st + 2nd National): Hok Jos Vercammen from Vremde:

Winner National Bourges yearlings: Op de Beeck-Baetens from Putte:

Winner National Bourges old birds: Hok Parijs from Ottenburg 

Follow the first arrivals live at PIPA: CLICK HERE 

OLD PIGEONS : 11.801             (in 2008 : 11.875 =  -74 )
YLS :               15.335             (in 2008 : 16.771 = - 1.436 )
Youngsters:     37.090             (in 2008 : 41.783 = - 4.693 )

TOTAL :                   64.226             (in 2008 : 70.429 = - 6.203 )

Thanks … and GOOD LUCK !!!
Yvan Eeckhout.



minder jongen- te wyten aan grote verliezen wegens interprovinciale lossingen.
blyft toch nog een succes-

For all winner !!!
Very good for me that we have chanced to meet both Jos & Lar VERCAMMEN almost every time, I'm in Belgium
and also with Op de Beeck-Baetens and uncle Wiily.
CLEIRBAUT KRIS is quality loft that I like his pigeons very much.
It's very prode that I'm the first fancier in Thailand that have chance to have pigeons from both Op de Beeck-Baetens


Dear Jos & lar Vercammen;

Congradulations for the amazing results in Bourges..