Batenburg-van der Merwe: Youngsters of their best breeders

A collection of about 40 young birds from the best breeders of Batenburg-Van de Merwe are sold on PIPA, offering marathon fanciers an opportunity of a lifetime.

No other pigeon loft across the globe has so many talented pigeons under one roof as Hugo Batenbug.
A fancier who combines such renowned pigeons as New Laureaat (1st Int. Barcelona 2013), Special One (1st Int. Barcelona 2015), Sumerian Fighter (1st Int. Barcelona 2017) and Luna May (5th Int. Barcelona 2017) with the legendary Witbuik dynasty and his best descendants, can rightfully be considered the treasurer of the international extreme long distance!
Another peculiarity is his joint breeding with Jelle Jellema, whose invaluable Kleine Jade (1st Int. Barcelona 2014), Saar (4th Int. Barcelona 2017) and Silvie (3rd Int. Barcelona 2014) are currently kept in Klaaswaal to create special pairings. The combination of these different bloodlines means that big steps are being taken towards creating a marathon bird that can really make a difference.

Auction starts: 02-04-2018
Auction ends: 15-04-2018