Barcelona Pigeon Race will launch a unique concept in 2019: a race in which both local fanciers and one loft racers can participate

Pigeon fanciers have been racing pigeons from their own lofts for decades. In more recent times, the concept of one loft racing has become increasingly popular. But what if one race was to combine those two forms of pigeon racing? That is exactly what the Barcelona Pigeon Race has in mind for its 2019 edition.

New race along new race path

The Barcelona Pigeon Race is a local race for pigeon fanciers living on the island of Mallorca (Spain) and had its first edition in 2017. The organiser, Mr Rafael Forteza, explains why it is so special: "Pigeons from Mallorca always have to cross the sea to get home but they always enter the island via the southwest. In the Barcelona Pigeon Race, the birds have to cross the fearsome Sierra de Tramuntana, a mountain range counting numerous cliffs and populating many peregrine falcons. So it's the first time ever that the race path has been changed." Check out the promotional video for next year's race already.

Pigeons are liberated in Barcelona (north) and have to cross the Mediterranean Sea to get to Mallorca (south)

On 9 February 2017, 340 pigeons from 60 different fanciers were liberated in Barcelona (225 km) with a temperature of 9°C and a light tailwind of 6 km/h at 10.30am. After having crossed the Mediterranean Sea for over 200 km, they crossed the Sierra de Tramuntana (UNESCO World Heritage) from the north to find their way home. The winners of the first edition:

Young birds

  1. Laure Sastre: 1,125.446 mpm
  2. Sebastià Quetglas: 1,068.730 mpm
  3. Juan Miguel Pizà: 1,055.604 mpm

Old birds

  1. Pedro Quetglas: 1,110.751 mpm
  2. Julià Montserrat: 1,079.732 mpm
  3. Marcos Rotger: 1,077.962 mpm

Winning team (consisting of three old and three young birds)

The sum of the velocities of all birds was necessary to tell who won the race:

  1. Marcos Rotger (4 out of 6 pigeons clocked)
  2. Antoni Riera (4 out of 6 pigeons clocked)
  3. Laure Sastre (4 out of 6 pigeons clocked)

Wing stamp

Unique future concept

In 2019, Mr Forteza is planning to open the race for fanciers not living on the island of Mallorca: "The idea is to combine local racing with one loft racing. So local fanciers, living on the island, will still be able to participate in the race and race from their own lofts but in addition pigeons from abroad will be allowed to enter as well. Those birds will all be put in and raced from the so-called Barcelona Loft." A great initiative for both local and international fanciers!

In 2019 birds from fanciers outside Mallorca will be basketed as well