Barcelona Int.- 3rd of July

The almost 28.000 pigeons were released this Friday morning at 9.45am in Barcelona. The release went perfect in very good weather circumstances, almost no wind, very good sight. Follow the first arrivals tomorrow morning live at PIPA!

RESULTS (International, Belgium, France, Germany,ZLU, ...etc ... ) are published in the 'Official Results' section as soon as they are available. You can find this by clicking 'Racing Season' and then choose the flight, in this case 'Barcelona', then you find 'Official Results' at the right side.


Internationale winner Barcelona 2009 is Van Houten Wim & Martin from Ijsselstein - The Netherlands
Their winning bird makes a speed of 1069 m/m at a distance of 1205 km and was clocked at 10.39am.

Winner Nationaal Germany is Freialdenhofen & Sons from Aldenhoven
Their winning bird makes a speed of 957 m/m at a distance of 1109 km and was clocked at 11.10am!

Winner National Barcelona in Belgium is Vangronsvelt Albert, below already photo + pedigree of the winner:


Weatherconditions during the Barcelona race 2009 based upon radar and satelliteimages and report from weatherstations.

Update 20h30
This afternoon, there was no significant change in the weather conditions.
A NW of +/_ 2BFT on the race line Castres - Vichy, in the Rhone Valley the wind blew a bit harder, there was a 4 bft headwind.
There was a bit rainfall and lighting in the southern of France this afternoon, but these only occured very localy and small in surface, as it was mainly clear and warm.
Actually is still quiet hot the middle of france (+/- 30°) with a 2bft NW wind, were the pigeons are expected to be at the moment.
Weather conditions are stil loking goods for the following hours.
Clear weather, good view and no rainfall foreseen.
The last few years there was often a tail wind (ZW) during the last racing hours (17h - 22h) of the first race day, this year the wind blows half in the side, half on the head.

Update 15h30
The weather conditions are still good for the moment.
When passing from Perpignan to Narbonne, it was +/- 30°, clear weather and a light wind from various directions (mainly SW to W).Pigeons that will take the rhone valley will encounter a strong headwind (3 – 4 bft), the track more lying to the west (west side of Central Massif)  has a track with light wind from the NW.
Temperatures at the mideterean around 32°, inland around 28°

Actually there is a thunderstorm lying further up north (300 km) from Strasbourg till Monchengladbach, but it seems it will not affect the race as it heads away from the race track.

Update 12h30

The Pigeons were liberated in Barcelona at 9h45.
It was clear weather, 28° and the pigeons encountered a light headwind till the Spanish/French border.
In the Languedoc (Perpignan- Narbonne- Beziers) it is 30° at the moment, a 2bft wind from the west and a clear and good view.
In the Rhone valley there is a 3bft headwind at the moment.
During the last editions the pigeons had often a soft tailwind till the border area and the they had to encounter a rather strong hide/side wind from the NW.
This year, the first third of the race seems to be a bit easier than in the past years.

Nous remercions Mme Schlusmans de  Waremme infiniment pour les splendides photos du lâcher à Barcelone.
Le Pipa-Team

TOTAL = 27.627 (this is 3.919 pigeons more than in 2008!)
(In 2008 = 23.708 pigeons International)

Pipa was present at the central check-up of the Barcelona pigeons in Wolvertem (BE)
All thousands of pigeons were checked and 'stamped' one by one!

Guy Libotte, President Cureghem-Centre (organiser Barcelona), notary Jan Dons, his brother and  Jean-Pierre Page,
main guide for the race Soustons Yearlings (same weekend) 

Truck with the English birds

The responsible person for Poland together with Luc De Geest, secretary Cureghem-Centre (organiser Barcelona)

Check-up from the incoming trucks by Guy Libotte

The Polish truck

Control of the Polish pigeons

Team of club Meulebeke, "Geen Raven maar Duiven" with a.o. Eric Devlaminck

Meulebeke 2

Team of "Fondclub Steenbrugge"

Land van Aalst 1

Land van Aalst 2

"Recht voor Ieder" Gooik

L'équipe de Meux

Members of "Sans Peur Herent and "Recht en Plicht" Zottegem
(with a.o. 2008 Int. Barcelona winner Danny Vagenende and his wife)
Team of Duivensport speciaalzaak "Horizon Expres"

l'équipe du comité de la Prov. de Namur

"Kempische Fondclub" St Antonius Zoersel

"Nachtklievers Opwijk"

Chairman Jan Dons is supervising

"Union Eiktak" Eeklo with a.o. Etienne Meirlaen



Inside of the trucks from Lathouwers which will drive to Spain.


aan alle deelnemers laat het een harde en eerlijke strijd worden op de schoonste vlucht van het jaar en dat de beste moge winnen en alle roem vergaren die men maar kan wensen.
hopelijk is het duivenweer en is het voor iedereen gelijk en wint de beste dan

Very Happy E' fantastico!!!!! very very happy!!!! Un augurio di cuore a tutti e vinca il migliore!!!!! Ciao!!!!

All the best to all competitors and I hope that you get the big No 1 jos veulemans

laat ze maar komen,en dat de beste mag winnen!!! :

favorieten,de mijne alvast p.d.g.uit smetlee,en het zou hem van harte gegund zijn!!!

Bedankt voor de snelle berichtgeving want op teletekst is het maar wachten geblazen en het is toch Het evenement van het jaar.

First of all, all the best to all the participants.

What do I need to do to watch the first arrivals live?


din ce localitate sa facut lansarea?

Lansarea a fost facuta din Barcelona evident!!!

Barcelona -Spania

mersi Brit ,am gresit am vrut sa intreb din ce zona a Barcelonei

Laughing Laughing Laughing

Hoe kan het zijn dat er al officiele meldingen van Nederland opstaan en van België (die korter spelen) staat er weer niets bij ... Goed dat we PIPA nog hebben of we wisten van niets ... KBDB, Organisators, misschien eens te leer gaan bij onze noorderburen ... ronduit zielig ...


Congratulaion !!!!!!!!


Congratulation !!!!!!!!


Salve a tutti che anno participato a questa competitione Barcelona davero un grande competitione per tutti che anno participato.
distinti saluti a tutti.



pentru toti romanii: am fost personal la lansarea de pe 3 iulie nu imi vine sa cred ca din 27000 de porumbei nici macar unul, nu a dat o tura in jurul ramas foarte impresionat de calitatea si pregatirea 20 de secunde nu am mai vazut nimic pe cer.asa ceva este de neuitat.daca mi-ar fi povestit cineva lucrul asta nu as fi crezut,dar am vazut cu ochii mei.cine are vreodata posibilitatea sa vina sa vada ce am vazut eu,sa nu rateze. Shocked

noli18 Exclamation we are happy that this year barcelona races is a great success again! CONGRATS to all the winners and organizers. happy flying