Auctions close at 340,000 EURO – Willy Daniels 6800 average - Lambrechts 4350 average - ...

This is looking to be the most successful auction season PIPA has ever organised. The bar was set high, given the high sale prices that we have seen in recent years as well. As always, we are eager to see where this is going.
What makes this season even more impressive, is the fact that we see amazing results every single week. This year we did not just have the occasional top auction, in appears that the most renowned pigeon lofts are now bidding in our now world renowned auctions almost on a weekly basis.
Eight different auctions closed last Sunday, and each one will be briefly discussed below. A total of 141 pigeons were sold for 334,625 euro or 2,373 euro per pigeon on average, to 17 different countries. 38% of the 141 pigeons will be shipped to China, the other pigeons are going to: Taiwan, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, The Netherlands, Kuwait, Romania, Germany, Uganda, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, and the US.
Rudi De Saer (BE) - 2,907 euro average / pigeon - 22 pigeons
This loft has become a household name. Rudi had once obtained the best pigeons of grandmaster Vandenabeele, which he then turned into his own pigeon breed. He was arguably one of the strongest long distance fanciers of Belgium in the last decade, winning numerous national first prizes and ace pigeon titles. Rudi came up with an impressive group of pigeons for a PIPA auction, and the average sale price was on par. The 2 most expensive pigeons in this auction were 2 youngsters of New Jens, which go to two different fanciers in China for 7,200 EURO and 6,200 EURO respectively.

Stefaan Lambrechts (BE) - 4,350 euro average / pigeon - 12 pigeons
Stefaan Lambrechts was the fancier who sold a group of youngsters to the Eijerkamp family, which was particularly successful with them. Team Eijerkamp promptly decided to breed new pigeons from these invaluable Lambrechts birds. They did exceptionally well in the following years, and suddenly fanciers from across the globe wanted to obtain their pigeons. Stefaan Lambrechts raised the bar even more, by breeding probably one of the best shorter middle distance pigeons the world has ever seen: Lincia. She became the leading name in his team. Insiders believe that Stefaan has some of the strongest sprint pigeons of their generation in his collection, and it showed: the two youngsters of Lincia were sold for 7,200 and 7,400 EURO respectively, the brothers and two sisters for 8,200 and 7,600 EURO. Stefaan had the highest average sale price ever in this auction.
Willy Daniels (BE) - 6,800 euro average / pigeon - 7 pigeons
Willy Daniels is often referred to as the king of simplicity. He is always racing with a very small team of pigeons, and yet many colleagues believe no other Belgian fancier has been such a consistent performer as the champion from Kessel. It explains the exceptional average sale price for his seven pigeons. Six of them go to China, the 7th one was sold to a fancier from Kuwait. A brother of Sara goes to China for 10,200 EURO, and its two youngsters were sold to China and Kuwait for 7,800 and 7,400 EURO respectively.
This average sale price gave Willy Daniels a spot in the PIPA milestones list for highest averages in a young birds' auction: PIPA MILESTONES
Co & Piet Verbree (NL) - 1,715 euro average / pigeon - 10 pigeons
Co and Piet Verbree have been one of the top players in The Netherlands and worldwide for quite some years now. They managed to create a strong group of pigeons that have done great in other lofts as well. Their pigeons had a high average sale price, and 5 of them were sold to China.
Tjeerd & Jouke Elzinga (NL) - 2,196 euro average / pigeon - 12 pigeons
Tjeerd and Jouke Elzinga became one of the leading fanciers in The Netherlands in the past ten years. Olympiad Pigeon Esmee developed into a world renowned pigeon, and today her youngsters and brothers and sisters are delivering great descendants as well. Esmee's youngster was sold for 9,400 EURO to a Dutch fancier, making her the most expensive youngster of Esmee ever to be sold in auction!
Victor De Belser (BE) - 528 euro average / pigeon - 38 pigeons
The international pigeon racing community was shocked by the sudden passing of Victor De Belser in October 2016. He was a great sprint fancier and the father of the successful long distance fancier Johan. Victor had a group of top quality racing birds that managed to win several top results in the Diamantverbond union, and in the Mechelen region on a yearly basis. The pigeons proved quite valuable; about 50% of them will be shipped to China.
Collector's Items - 2,343 euro average / pigeon - 23 pigeons
In this auction series we sell youngsters from highly renowned pigeons, which have often been sold to foreign countries for a lot of money, or were no longer fertile due to their age. These pigeons are high value collector's items, and PIPA has brought together some of these pigeons in an online auction. A seven year old son of Harry was sold for 8,600 EURO to a Taiwanese fancier. A son of Kleine Jade goes to Taiwan as well, for 6,000 EURO.
One Loft Race Special - 3,141 euro average / pigeon - 17 pigeons
Jan Hooymans, Hardy Kruger, Kitchenbrandt and Hennie Kallmeyer are renowned for their excellent results in the one loft races. Jan Hooymans for instance finished in third place in the world famous Million Dollar Race in South Africa with a youngster of Ali (the winner of a few years back, which he had bought on PIPA). In this auction we had a youngster of that same Ali, which will now be going to Kuwait for 9,600 EURO.