Auction weekend sees exceptional average sale prices and an overall revenue of 358,950 EURO - 3,016 EURO average for 119 pigeons

Nine different auctions closed last Sunday, and each one will be briefly discussed below. All nine auctions had a great overall result!

Jelle Jellema – 5,741 EURO/pigeon – 17 pigeons
We are close to April now but that does not seem to affect the auction results here on PIPA. In fact, Jelle Jellema had one of his most successful auctions ever, despite being this late in the season. The 17 young birds were sold for 97,600 EURO overall! Again, many fanciers from across the globe showed an interest in the Jellema pigeons. The most expensive bird was a youngster of Special One x Romee, which goes to Kuwait for 11,400 EURO, with the second most expensive one, a youngster of Kleine Jade, going to a Dutch loft for 9,600 EURO. The third most expensive pigeon was a youngster of Miss Gijsje 430, which goes to Taiwan for 7,600 EURO. The 17 pigeons will be going to The Netherlands (4), Kuwait (4), Taiwan (4), Belgium (2), India (2), and The United Kingdom (1). This result gets him in the list of highest everages ever on PIPA:

Jan Hooymans – 7,745 EURO/pigeon – 11 pigeons
Jan Hooymans had one of his best PIPA auctions this weekend as well, rasing 7,745 EURO on average for 11 youngsters, or 85,200 EURO overall. These were the most expensive pigeons in auction:
Daughter Harry – 13,200 EURO – China
Daughter Beauty Harry – 11,600 EURO – China
Son New Harry – 10,000 EURO – China
Son Harry Holland – 9,400 EURO – China
All of the most expensive birds go to China. The pigeons will be shipped to China (6), Taiwan (1), Japan (1), Germany (1), Romania (1), and the USA (1).

His average sale price resulted in a spot in the list of highest averages on PIPA as well:

Benny Steveninck – 3,063 EURO/pigeon – 8 pigeons
It was for the first time that Benny Steveninck sold a group of young birds closely inbred to Chipo. The auction proved a big success, with an overall revenue of 24,500 EURO for 8 youngsters. The 2 most expensive youngsters were both sold for 5,000 EURO each, with one staying in Belgium, the other going to Poland. The 8 pigeons have been sold to fanciers from Poland (3), Belgium (3), China (1) and Taiwan (1).

Davy Tournelle – 3,057 EURO/pigeon – 7 pigeons
Davy Tournelle had another excellent average sale price of more than 3,000 EURO. Sale 1, a youngster of stock breeder Tiësto, proved the most expensive pigeon, and will be going to Taiwan for 7,600 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon was sale 2, which goes to Taiwan as well for 2,900 EURO. The 7 youngsters raised 21,400 EURO in total and will be moving to Taiwan (3), Poland (2), the USA (1), and Belgium (1).

Geoff & Catherine Cooper – 2,300 EURO/pigeon – 7 pigeons
The two likeable fanciers from Great Britain were selling 7 youngsters that were closely related to stock breeder George. The most expensive bird is a youngster of Farmer George x Wollongong, which goes to India for 5,200 EURO. The 7 pigeons raised 16,100 EURO and will be shipped to Taiwan (4), India (1), Saoudi Arabia (1) and the United Kingdom (1).

Jos & Lars Vercammen – 3.078 EURO/pigeon – 9 pigeons
Father and son Vercammen have gained an excellent reputation worldwide but their pigeons were particularly popular in China last weekend: 7 out of 9 pigeons will be going to China, the other two were sold to Poland. The auction was a great success with 27,700 EURO for 9 pigeons, or just over 3,000 EURO on average. The most expensive pigeon was a youngster of Elektro, sale 1, which goes to China for 6,000 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon is a youngster of Mustang, which goes to China as well for 4,200 EURO.

Marc De Cock – 1,471 EURO/pigeon – 12 pigeons
Marc De Cock has been one of the great names in Belgium for years, which he showed by winning an Olympiad Pigeon title in Brussels with Bold Eagle. The most expensive youngster was in fact a full brother of Bold Eagle; he was sold to a Belgian fancier for 2,200 EURO. The 12 youngsters raised 17,650 EURO in total and will be shipped to Belgium (8), China (2), Taiwan (1), and the USA (1).

Adelin Van Renterghem – 1,240 EURO/pigeon – 24 pigeons
The passing of Adelin Van Renterghem in December 2016 came as a big shock to the PIPA family. The PIPA team felt honoured to have the opportunity to auction Adelin's most special pigeons, and the auction proved a great success, raising 29,750 EURO overall. The most expensive pigeons were 2 original Gaston van de Wouwer birds, which were sold to China for 5,800 and 3,800 EURO respectively. The 24 pigeons were sold to China (6), Taiwan (6), USA (5), Japan (2), Belgium (2), India (1), Denmark (1), and Poland (1).

Performance Pigeons – 1,627 EURO/pigeon – 24 pigeons
This was a collection of proven racing and breeding birds with different origins and value. The most expensive pigeon is a proven breeding bird of New Freddy, which goes to China for 7,200 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon was sale 7, a racing bird of Jelle Roziers, which goes to China for 4,200 EURO. The 24 pigeons raised 39,050 EURO in total. Most pigeons in these Performance Auctions are traditionally sold to China, and this year's edition was no exception. The pigeons will be shipped to China (17), Taiwan (4), The United Kingdom (1), France (1) and Belgium (1).

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