Auction weekend raises +335,000 EURO - Jewels Hyper 6,106 EUR average

10 auctions closed this weekend, an overview can be found below.
Kees Nijeboer - 8 pigeons - 1,325 EUR/pigeon

Kees Nijeboer sold 3 racing birds and 5 youngsters in his first PIPA auction. The most expensive pigeon was New Kleine Sola 159, a full sister of 2 NPO winners (Kleine Sola and Blauwe Baron), which goes to China for 2,500 EURO.
The pigeons were sold to fanciers from China (3), The Philippines (1), The Netherlands (3) and Taiwan (1).

Chris Debacker - 13 pigeons - 1,096 EUR/pigeon

Chris Debacker offered for sale 6 racing birds and 7 youngsters of his best breeders.
The most expensive pigeon is Bianca, 1st Provincial and 9th National Tulle; she will be transferred to Canada for 2,300 EURO.
The pigeons in this auction were sold to Belgium (4), China (2), Japan (1), Taiwan (4) and the United States (1).

Jos Thoné - 16 pigeons - 1,375 EUR/pigeon
Jos Thoné sold 16 youngsters of his best breeders; the eye-catcher of this auction was Sale 3, Sister Babe. She is a full sister of Babe, 3rd National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2017, and she was sold for 2,800 EURO. A son of that same Babe was sold for 2,600 EURO.
Team De Jaeger - 10 pigeons - 1,680 EUR/pigeon
Team De Jaeger, winner of a 1st National Brive and of several ace pigeon titles over the years, needs no introduction.
This time they were selling 1 racing bird and 10 youngsters of their best breeding and racing birds.
The most expensive pigeon in this auction is Harrie, winner of an 8th National Limoges etc. He was sold for 4,400 EURO.
Five pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium; the others will be shipped to China (2), Portugal (2), Taiwan (1) and The United States (1).
Jewels of the Sky - Hyper Exclusive - 18 pigeons - 6,106EUR/pigeon
The last auction of this weekend was a Jewels of the Sky - Hyper Exclusive. In this auction 18 different fanciers offered for sale 1 youngster from their very best bloodlines.
Here we have the five most expensive pigeons in this auction:
- Daughter New Laureaat - Batenburg-vd Merwe goes to Germany for 12,000 EURO
- Daughter Porsche x Louise - PEC goes to Germany for 11,400 EURO
- Son Provincial Pau x Diamond Anita- Etienne Meirlaen goes to Belgium for 10,600 EURO
- Dochter Golden Prince - Samuel Mbiza goes to The United Kingdom for 9,400 EURO
- Fantasy, a daughter of New Tours x 't Goedje - Rudi De Saer goes to China for 9,200 EURO
The pigeons were sold to the following countries: Belgium (2), China (6), The Czech Republic (1), Germany (2), Japan (1), Poland (1), Trinidad and Tobago (1), Taiwan (3) and The United Kingdom (1).