Auction weekend has total revenue of 663,125 EUR – J&L Vercammen 5,122 EUR/pigeon, Dominique Velghe 2,842 average

Four different auctions closed on Sunday 7th and Monday 8th of January, together raising 663,125 EURO. The eye-catchers this weekend are Jos & Lars Vercammen, who raised an impressive 5,122 EUR on average. Dominique Velghe had quite a successful event as well, selling 111 pigeons for an average of 2,850 EURO.

Jos & Lars Vercammen (BE) - 9 pigeons – 5,122 EUR/pigeon
Jos and Lars sold nine youngsters of their best breeders, including stock breeder Elektro, national ace pigeon Zorro, Olympiad Pigeon Olympic Eva and national winner Mustang. They opted for some renowned bloodlines, and this showed in the overall results: 46,100 EURO of total revenue, or an impressive 5,122 EURO per pigeon. The most expensive bird is a youngster from elektro x Delphine, which was sold for 11,000 EURO. She is a full sister of Elektro Jr. (5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance) and will be moving to Australia. The nine pigeons have been sold to three different countries: Australia (4), China (3) and Taiwan (2).

Dominique Velghe (BE) - 111 pigeons – 2,842 EUR/pigeon
Pigeon photographer Dominique Velghe gained international fame with his great results in the one loft races, using some highly renowned bloodlines. He was particularly successful in the Million Dollar Race, mainly with descendants of the Aelbrecht breed, which he obtained from andré Verbesselt, a close friend. Dominique is now taking a step back, hence his decision to sell 111 pigeons born in 2016 or earlier, all bred from his exceptional collection of one loft breeders. His auction was an overwhelming success, with an average sale price of 2,842 EURO, and an incredible overall revenue of 315,425 EURO. The most expensive pigeons were two youngsters of Rudy, stock breeder for Gaby Vandenabeele, and they were sold for 28,500 EURO and 28,000 EURO to a Taiwanese and Chinese fancier respectively. The pigeons have been sold to countries across the globe: China (38), Taiwan (23), Belgium (20), Japan, Poland an the United States (5 each), Portugal and Italy (3) and Germany (2). A single pigeon was sold to fanciers from Canada, Denmark, The Philippines, Kuwait, The Netherlands, Romania and the Czech Republic.

Freialdenhofen & Sons (DE) 8 pigeons - 1,608 EUR/pigeon
The Freialdenhofen family has been doing great in the international extreme long distance competition in recent years. Their key to success is Forrest Gump. A group of 19 pigeons from Forrest Gump and the other top breeders of this team were sold for 30,550 EURO in total, or an average of 1,608 EURO per pigeon. The Freialdenhofen birds were particularly popular in Taiwan, which will be the new home of 11 pigeons, including the most expensive one: a youngster of Forrest Junior (1st Int. Pau and grandson Forrest Gump) x granddaughter Forrest Gump has been sold to a Taiwanese fancier for 4,200 EURO. The other pigeons are going to Qatar (2), The United States (2) and Canada, China, Germany and Spain (1 each).

Jewels of the Sky (Part 2) – 93 pigeons - 2,915 EUR/pigeon
The PIPA Jewels of the Sky auction has been a tradition for quite a few years now. These auctions are always a great success, since they include nothing but top players and highly exclusive pigeons. This year's Jewels auction was another highly successful event, wih an average sale price of 2,915 EURO an an overall revenue of 271,050 EURO for 93 pigeons. The most expensive pigeon, a youngster of New Harry of Jan Hooymans, goes to Taiwan for 11,400 EURO. This fancier has obtained no less than 23 pigeons in this auction. The other pigeons are going to Belgium (20), China (20), Romania (6), The Netherlands (5), The United Kingdom (5), Japan (3), Italy (3), China (2) and Qatar, The Czech Republic, Denmark, The United States, Iraq and Iran (1 each).