Auction weekend ends with 274,550 euro – Jelle Jellema 3,744 euro/YB – Flanders Collection 3,108 euro/YB

7 different auctions closed last Sunday 29th of April, raising 274,550 euro in total for 144 pigeons, or over 1,900 euro on average.

James Dutton – Danny van Dyck collection – 45 pigeons – 1,249 euro/pigeon
This renowned English fancier has gained an impressive collection of Danny van Dyck pigeons over the years, including several youngsters and brothers of stock bird Kanon. The most expensive bird in this auction was a son of Kanon, which goes to a Belgian loft for 6,000 euro. The second most expensive pigeon is a daughter of Kanon, which goes to Taiwan for 5,400 euro. The 45 pigeons raised 56,225 euro in total, and were sold to the following countries: China (10), Belgium (9), Taiwan (7), Morocco (7), USA (3), Columbia (2), Germany (2), Egypt (2), Bangladesh (1), Italy (1), and Japan (1).

Eddy van der Pijl – 24 pigeons – 1,608 euro/pigeon
The personable fancier from The Netherlands who moved to Italy several years ago, sold his best breeding and racing birds on PIPA. It was a highly successful auction, with 38,600 euro for 24 pigeons. The most expensive bird was a son of New Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele, which goes to China for 8,600 euro. The second msot expensive pigeon was Italian Olympiad Pigeon Olympic Lampo, which goes to Iraq for 5,400 euro. The 24 pigeons were sold to Italy (4), China (3), Iraq (3), Taiwan (3), Columbia (2), The United Arab Emirates (2), Australia (2), Belgium (2), The Netherlands (2) and Poland (1).

Team De Jaeger – 9 pigeons – 1,194 euro/pigeon
Freddy De Jaeger and his team have been very successful in Belgium in recent years, and several renowned lofts have now shown interest in their pigeons as well. The most expensive pigeon is a youngster of top class bird Eénwitpen Tornado. He and his nest mate, the second most expensive bird, both carry the AA gene. The first one was sold to Belgium for 2,200 euro, the other goes to Taiwan for 2,000 euro. The overall revenue for 9 youngsters is 10,750 euro; they will be shipped to Belgium (4), France (2), Poland (1), Portugal (1) and Taiwan (1).

Alfons Klaas – 16 pigeons – 1,345 euro/pigeon
The most famous One Loft Race fancier worldwide would probably be Alfons Klaas. He won a 2nd ace pigeon title in Victoria Falls just recently, which is one of the world's biggest OLRs. A full brother of this ace pigeon was sold to Canada for 3,200 euro. The 16 youngsters raised 21,525 euro and were sold to fanciers from The USA (6), Germany (3), The Czech Republic (2), Canada (1), China (1), France (1), Kuwait (1), and Mexico (1).

Thibaut-Boons – 12 pigeons – 1,121 euro/pigeon
Jean Marc Thibaut is one of the strongest players in Wallonia, and he sold a group of 12 youngsters, which were bred specially for this PIPA auction. The most expensive youngster was a youngster of Lauda, 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB, paired to dam Sylvie (a daughter of Wittekop Sylvester of Geerinckx). This youngster remains in Belgium and was sold for 2,000 euro. The pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (5), China (2), Italy (2), Egypt (1), and Taiwan (1). The 12 younsters raised 13,450 euro together.

Jelle Jellema – 25 pigeons – 3,744 euro/pigeon
One of the highlights of today's auction day was a group of 25 young birds from Jelle Jellema's best breeders. The eye-catcher was a son of Kleine Jade, which goes to The United Kingdom for 10,200 euro, which 12 out of 25 pigeons will be moving to. The second most expensive bird was a youngster of top breeder Zoon Miss Gijsje 430, which goes to the same British fancier for 7,800 euro. A different British fancier obtained the third best pigeon: a youngster of Romee, sold for 7,000 euro. The 25 young birds raised an impressive 93,600 euro in total, and will be shipped to The United Kingdom (12), The Netherlands (5), Japan (3), Belgium (3) and Taiwan (2).

Flanders Collection – 13 pigeons – 3,108 euro/pigeon
The Dirk van den Bulck breed is arguably one of the most hyped pigeon families in recent years. Flanders Collection managed to obtain some of the team's best pigeons a few years back, and their descendants have been winning races across the globe. The eye catcher of this team is Kittel, whose most expensive youngster was sold toa British fancier for 11,200 euro. The second most expensive bird is a youngster of Broer Kittel x Daughter Kittel, which goes to Taiwan for 5,200 euro. The 13 youngsters raised 40,000 euro in total, and will be shipped to Taiwan (2), The United Kingdom (2), Belgium (2), Australië (1), Ireland (1), The Netherlands (1), Poland (1), Trinidad & Tobago (1), The USA (1) and South Africa (1).