Auction weekend ends with 204,725 euro - Venus 2271 10,000 euro, Sister Lincia 6,600 euro, Son Lincia 6,000 euro

Six auctions ended today, Sunday 13th of May. Each auction is briefly discussed below.

Andreas Drapa – 10 pigeons - 1,750 euro/pigeon

Andreas sold 10 youngsters from his best breeders. The most expensive bird was a grandson of Kittel, which was sold to China for 2,800 euro. The second most expensive bird was a daughter of Bolt, which goes to the United Kingdom for 2,400 euro. The other pigeons will be shipped to China (1), Germany (3), Taiwan (3), and The United States (1).

Jos Thoné – 11 pigeons - 941 euro/pigeon

The world famous Jos Thoné bred 11 youngsters from his best breeders for this auction.
The most expensive pigeon is a son of Sachi, winner of a 1st National La Souterraine 2012, and was sold to Taiwan for 1,500 euro. This event attracted many fanciers from Taiwan, and no less than 6 out of 11 pigeons will soon be moving to a Taiwanse loft. Three other birds are going to Germany, and one bird goes to China and Romania.

Rik Cools – 16 pigeons – 1,397 euro/pigeon

Rik Cools, who has dominated the middle distance with his team of hens, sold 16 younsters from his best breeders, with consecutive ring numbers.
The most expensive bird was a double grandchild of Schone Bliksem, which goes to Taiwan for 5,000 euro. This event attracted many Taiwanese fanciers as well, with 9 out of 16 birds moving to Taiwan. The other pigeons were sold to fanciers from Belgium (3), China (1), Egypt (1), Hungary (1) and Japan (1).

Stefaan Lambrechts – 10 pigeons – 2,920 euro/pigeon

We think Lincia no longer needs an introduction. She is the invaluable breeding hen of Stefaan Lambrechts, that also won a 1st National Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance YBs 2015. 

Unsurprisingly, a full sister of Lincia became the most expensive bird; she was sold to a Belgian top loft for 6,600 euro. The second most expensive pigeon is a son of Lincia paired to sire Lincia, which goes to the UK for 6,000 euro. The pigeons were sold to 7 different countries: Belgium (3), The UK (2), and one to China, The Netherlands, Taiwan and The Czech Republic.

Erio & Eric Alvarez – 19 pigeons – 882 euro/pigeon

This American combination was particularly successful with the pigeons of Willy Daniels. They sold 17 direct Willy Daniels pigeons, along with two proven racing birds that were 100% Daniels as well.

Sister Nikki, the sister of Nikki (1st Nat. Chateauroux 2016) that developed into a renowned breeding hen herself, was sold to a Belgian fancier for 3,000 euro. The pigeons were sold to 10 different countries: Taiwan (5), China (3), Thailand (3), Columbia (2), Belgium (1), Germany (1), France (1), Hungary (1), Japan (1) and The United States (1).

Derby Arona – 88 pigeon – 1,233 euro/pigeon

As every year, the most important winners and ace pigeons of the popular Derby Arona One Loft Race in Tenerife are sold in May. Here are the three most expensive pigeons sold this year:

  • Venus 2271, winner of the 1st Grand Average Int. King Of Atlantic and 2nd Grand Average Int. King Of Sprint Derby Arona 2018. This hen was sold for 10,000 euro to Mike Ganus, USA.
  • Pluto 2274. This hen won a 2nd prize in the final and a 4th prize in the semi-final; she goes to Switzerland for 6,000 euro.
  • Harry 385, the winner of the 2018 Derby Arona final, heavily inbred to Harry of Jan Hooymans, was sold to The UK for 5,000 euro

The pigeons in this auction were sold to the following countries: China (29), Taiwan (9), USA (9), Belgium (6), France (5), The UK (4), and two pigeons to Columbia, The Czech Republic, Italy, The Netherlands, and Italy. One pigeon was sold to Bangladesh, Germany, Japan, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Switzerland.