Auction weekend closes at 695,275 EURO - Jan Hooymans 6,075 EUR/pigeon - G&A Vanrenteghem 487,680 EUR!

Seven auctions closed this Sunday, and each will be briefly discussed below. The 286 pigeons were sold for 695,275 EURO in total.

Geert & Annick Vanrenterghem – 192 pigeons – 2,540 EUR/average

Geert and Annick auctioned their entire breeding team and a round of unflown young birds of 2016, selling 192 pigeons in total. They raised an average of 2,540 EURO/pigeon, making this quite a successful pigeon auction indeed.

The 5 most expensive pigeons have all been sold to China, let's have a look:

Orlandor - 40,500 EUR
Orlando 277 - 40,500 EUR
Orlandia – 21,000 EUR
Eros – 19,200 EUR
Oreley- 13,400 EUR

The pigeons were sold to 14 different countries.
Bangladesh (1), Belgium (29), China (106), The Czech Republic (1), France (1), Germany (7), Hongarije (1), Japan (1), The Netherlands (3), Taiwan (36), Thailand (1), UK (1) ,USA (1) and South Africa (1).

Jan Hooymans – Birdy Special – 12 pigeons – 6,075EUR/average

For this exclusive auction Jan bred 12 youngsters, all Harry x Birdy descendants.
The most expensive pigeon in auction was a youngster of Harry x Daughter Birdy, the only youngster of this pair ever to be sold in auction. It was sold to a Japanese fancier for 20,000 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon was sale 2, bred from New Harry x Daughter Birdy, which goes to China for 13,800 EURO.

This auction raised 6,075EUR per pigeon, which earned it a place on our PIPA milestones page.
(Click here to see all PIPA milestones)

The 12 pigeons have been sold to the following countries: China (4), Taiwan (2), South Africa (2), Japan (1), Slovakia (1), USA (1) and the Czech Republic (1).

Arie Dijkstra - 6 pigeons – 1,100EUR/average

In this auction Arie sold 6 youngsters from his new champions.

The most expensive pigeon was Daughter Ravi x Savannah, which goes to the Czech Republic for 1,800 EURO.
​The other pigeons were sold to China (2), The Netherlands (2) and Taiwan (1).

Olivier De Wolf – 6 pigeons – 1,050EUR/average

Olivier sold 6 pigeons in his Rhone Valley Collection, 1 racing bird and 5 youngsters from his best breeders.

The most expensive pigeon is Mimi, winner of a 2nd National Pau in 2015, just behind Cas of De Smeyter-Restiaen. Mimi was sold to a Belgian fancier.
The other pigeons have been sold to China (2), Belgium (1) and Taiwan (2).

Philippe Dermience – 7 pigeons – 761 EUR/average

The star of this auction was a 2nd National Brive, which goes to a Belgian top loft for 3,000 EURO.
All other pigeons have been sold to Belgian fanciers as well.

Handerek- 9 pigeons – 1,867 EUR/average

This was the first PIPA auction for Wojciech Handerek, and he had an excellent average.
This Polish champion had 2 Olympiad Pigeons in the Brussels Olympiad.

The most expensive pigeon in auction was Werner, a great racing bird and nest mate of Karin, winner of a silver medal at the Olympiad. Werner was sold to China for 4,200 EURO. The other pigeons will be going to China (3), Hungary (1), Poland (2), and Thailand.

Leo & Gerry Dockx – 7 pigeons – 1,400 EUR/average

In this auction we had nothing but descendants of Tarzan, 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YBs 2014.
The 7 young birds raised almost 10,000 EURO.

The most expensive pigeon is a full brother of Tarzan, and was sold to a Belgian top loft for 2,000 EURO.
The other pigeons will be going to Taiwan (4) and South Africa (2).

Topcollectie – 47 pigeons – 1,912 EUR

In this auction that was organised alongside the 35th Olympiad we raised a nice collection of young birds. It was quite a successful auction, with an overall revenue of just short of 90,000 EURO.

These were the most expensive pigeons in auction:

Youngster Ronaldo – Hugo Vlaeminck – 5,000EUR – Belgium
Youngster Jaguar – Sylvain Verhestraeten – 4,200 EUR – UK
Youngster Jaguar – Sylvain Verhestraeten – 4,000 EUR – Belgium
Son New Remy – Xiang Green -  3,800 EUR – The Netherlands

The pigeons have been sold to the following countries: Belgium (9), China (6), France (2), Germany (1), Hungary (1), India (1), Italy (1), Japan (2), The Netherlands (5), The Philippines (1), Poland (3), Taiwan (12) and the UK (3).