Auction weekend closes at 348,575 EUR, two most expensive birds (13,800 and 11,200 EUR) come from Maarten Huijsmans, wih an average of 7667 EUR

11 auctions closed on 25 and 26 February, with plenty of top quality birds in each of them. These auctions raised almost 350,000 EURO in total. The two most expensive pigeons, which were sold for 13,800 and 11,200 EURO respectively, both came from Maarten Huijsmans, the Dutch national middle distance sensation of the past three seasons.

One Loft Race Special - 39 pigeons - 1,662 EUR/pigeon

One loft racing is the future of pigeon racing. In this auction the biggest one loft race champions were selling 39 pigeons from their best bloodlines, raising 64,800 EURO in total. The most expensive bird was a brother of Picasso of loft Reijnen-Bolton, which goes to an American fancier for 8,600 EURO. The 39 pigeons will be shipped to the following countries: USA (8), Germany (7), China and Poland (4), Thailand, Bulgaria and South Africa (3), Kuweit (2) and Canada, UK, Mexico, The Netherlands and Romania (1).

Frans Bungeneers (BE) - 9 pigeons - 3,022 EUR/pigeon

Barcelona specialist Frans Bungeneers offered for sale nine youngsters of his best breeders. You can tell from the outcome of this event that the Bungeneers pigeons are still high in demand, even after the recent theft, where Frans lost most of his key breeders. The nine pigeons were sold for 27,200 EURO overall or 3,022 EURO on average. A half sister of Elena got the highest bid; she was the winner of a 2nd Nat. and 9th Int. Barcelona 2017 and she goes to a Belgian fancier for 7,000 EURO. No less than five pigeons will be transferred to another Belgian loft; the other four birds have been sold to Taiwan (2), Russia and Romania (1).

Charity Auction - 3 pigeons - 5,467 EUR/pigeon

Back in December PIPA offered for sale a select number of pigeons with exceptional origins for the Pigeons For Life Auction. It was a major success, and we were able to raise a lot of money for four different good causes. Unfortunately one fancier was not able to pay for the three pigeons that he had won, and they were offered for sale a second time in this Charity Auction. We had an average of 5,467 EURO and a total revenue of 16,400 EURO. The most expensive pigeon, a son of the PEC's Porsche 911, was sold to a fancier from the Czech Republic for 9,000 EURO; the other two pigeons went to France and Germany.

Martial Maindrelle (FR) - 9 pigeons - 767 EUR/pigeon

The auction of Martial Maindrelle, one of the strongest fanciers in France in recent years, had an average of 767 EURO per pigeon and an overall revenue of 6,900 EURO. The most expensive pigeon, a direct youngster of a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon and 1st Olympiad Pigeon 2015 Olympic Cannonball, goes to China for 1,000 EURO. The remaining 8 pigeons were sold to China and France (2), Taiwan, Romania, The Netherlands and Belgium (1).

Klaas & Rik Van Dorp (NL) - 9 pigeons - 1,986 EUR/pigeon

Klaas and his son Rik have been doing great in recent years thanks to the fantastic breeders of such renowned pigeon families as Jan Ouwerkerk and Bart Geerinckx. In this auction they sold a number of racing birds and youngsters from their best breeders, raising 17,875 EURO in total. The highest bid was for first prize winner Black Man, a 50% Geerinckx; he was sold to a Taiwanese fancier. The majority of these pigeons will go to China (5), the others are going to Argentina, Japan, The Philippines and Taiwan (1).

Van Houdt - Serre (BE) - 15 pigeons - 2,843 EUR/pigeon

Benny Van Houdt and Freddy Serre sold their genuine Gaston van de Wouwer collection on PIPA. Their best breeding and racing birds, 15 in total, were sold for an impressive 42,650 EURO or 2,843 EURO on average. The most highly valued bird was a brother of Laura, 1st Nat. Bourges for Gaston Van de Wouwer. This brother will be moving to China for 8,600 EURO. The entire collection was sold across three different countries: China (8), Belgium (4) and Taiwan (3).

G&C Cooper (UK) - 7 pigeons - 2,314 EUR/pigeon

Geoff and Catherine Cooper are considered to be two of the best fanciers in the United Kingdom. Their success story is based around stock breeder George, which was the focal point of this auction. Seven descendants were sold in auction, and these were particularly popular in Taiwan (3). Fanciers from the Czech Republic (2), Germany and the United Kingdom (1) managed to get their hands on a George descendant as well. A youngster bred from two international winners (Farmer George and Wollongong), was the most expensive bird: he will be moving to Taiwan for 4,600 EURO.

Rudi De Saer (BE) - 20 pigeons - 3,103 EUR/pigeon

Rudi De Saer has been doing really well in recent years, winning no less than four (!) national first prizes. As a result, the youngsters from his best breeders were particularly popular, raising 62,050 EURO or 3,103 EURO on average. The De Saer birds were in high demand especially in China (9) and Belgium (8). Fanciers from Germany, The United Kingdom and Taiwan were able to get a youngster as well. This event's eye catcher was Screaming Eagle, bred from New Tours (1st Nat. Cahors) and T Goedje (one of Rudi's stock breeders). He was sold to a Belgian loft for 8,400 EURO.

Maarten Huijsmans (NL) - 6 pigeons - 7,667 EUR/pigeon

He is still fairly young but Maarten Huijsmans has already had quite a pigeon racing career. He has shown to be one of the best fanciers in The Netherlands in the middle distance, with several great results in just three years' time: a title of 1st Nat. Champion Middle Distance 2016 and 2 x 2nd Nat. Champion Middle Distance 2015 and 2017. His achievements made him an internationally known fancier, and his 6 pigeons were sold for an incredible 46,000 EURO. The two most expensive birds, a son of Miss Universe (her youngsters have won 26 first prizes) and a youngster of an NPO winner x Blue Diamand were both sold to a Chinese fancier for 13,800 and 11,200 EURO respectively. A third pigeon goes to China as well, which means 50% of all pigeons will be shipped to China. The other three pigeons went to Kuwait (2) and France (1).

Verweij-de Haan (NL) - 10 pigeons - 2,170 EUR/pigeon

The Verweij-De Haan combination came up with an auction that was centered entirely around their number one top breeder Milos. This cock had won a 1st NPO Montauban before becoming the sire and grandfather of a 1st, 2 x 2nd, 4th, 8th and 9th National. The highest bid came from The Netherlands, with one of the two youngsters of Milos x Miss Milos (Milos's best daughter) raising 5,200 EURO in a BIS combination. The auction raised 21,700 EURO in total. Most pigeons will stay in The Netherlands (4), with the remaining birds going to Denmark and Italy (2), and The Philippines and Romania (2).

Roger Debusschere (BE) - 29 pigeons - 924 EUR/pigeon

The Royal Collection of Roger Debusschere has been giving first prize winners and ace pigeons both for Roger and other fanciers for many years now. Roger invested mainly in direct Vandenabeele pigeons in recent years, including descendants of top breeder Rudy. Unsurprisingly, a double grandchild of Rudy was the most highly valued pigeon in auction, raising 3,200 EURO. This pigeon will be shipped to China, along with six other birds. Most pigeons were sold to Belgium (8), with China being a close second (7). The remaining 14 pigeons have been sold to fanciers across the globe: Taiwan (3), Argentina, France, Hungary and Kuwait (2), Germany, Poland and The United States (1). All 29 pigeons raised 26,800 EURO in total.