Auction weekend closes at 318,500 euro – Son New Olympiade 12,200 euro, Son New Laureaat 9,600 euro, Son New Laureaat 8,200 euro,…

Eight different auctions closed today, Sunday 15th of April. We briefly summarize each auction below.

April Auction – 47 pigeons – 1,375 euro/pigeon

47 pigeons were sold a second time, and they had a more than decent average of 1,375 euro/pigeon. Here are the most expensive pigeons in this auction:

- Son Silvie, Jelle Jellema, goes to Great Britain for 6,200 euro
- Brother Sun, Benny Steveninck, goes to a renowned Belgian loft for 4,400 euro

These pigeons were sold to 14 different countries: Taiwan (12), Belgium (9), China (6), Columbia (4), The USA (4), The United Kingdom (3), The Netherlands (2), and to Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey and Switzerland (one each).

Petar Radolovic – 15 pigeons – 1,887 euro/pigeon

The second auction to end on Sunday was that of Croatian champion Peter Radalovic, who sold his best breeding and racing birds.
The most expensive bird is a proven breeding cock: a son of New Olympiade (Eijerkamp, H&EJ). This cock was sold to China for 12,200 euro.

The pigeons were sold to the following countries: China (5), Bulgaria (2), Italy (2), Belgium (1), Germany (1), Iran (1), Qatar (1), Taiwan (1) and The United States (1).

Macaloney G.W. & P – 8 pigeons – 1,290 euro/pigeon

The successful British combination sold their proven breeding birds of Hardy Krüger.
The most expensive bird was Cocktail, a daughter of Bailey x Catwoman, and the dam of 2 first prize winners. She goes to China for 2,700 euro. The auction attracted quite a number of Chinese fanciers, and 7 out of 8 pigeons were eventually sold to China. The 8th pigeon goes to The United States.

Freialdenhofen &  Sons – 9 pigeons – 1,290 euro/pigeon

Our Forrest Gump Special, which is the stock breeder of Freialdenhofen, featured nothing but close relatives to this stock bird.
The most expensive pigeon was Special Queen, a daughter of Forrest Junior x Kathe. She was sold to a German fancier for 1,900 euro. The other pigeons are going to China (3), Taiwan (3), and Belgium (2).

Derek Rooney – 10 pigeons – 2,650 euro/pigeon

In this Harry Special we had nothing but grandchildren of Harry. The most expensive pigeons were Favourite Gold 19 and Favourite Gold 20, which are two nest brothers and two grandchildren of both Harry and Golden Prince. Favourite Gold 19 was sold for 4,800 euro, Favourite Gold 20 changed ownership for 4,600 euro. The two pigeons will be sold to China.

Fanciers from China again showed particular interest, and in the end 9 out of 10 pigeons were sold to Chinese fanciers. The tenth pigeon goes to Japan. 

Batenburg-vd Merwe – 39 pigeons – 3,340 euro/pigeon

The successful Batenburg-vd Merwe combination sold 39 youngsters from their best breeders in their final auction of the season.

Here are the most expensive birds:
- Son of New Laureaat x Dochter New Witbuik, goes to Taiwan for 9,600 euro
- Son inteelt New Laureaat (New Laureaat x his daughter), goes to Taiwan for 8,200 euro
- Daughter Sumerian Fighter, goes to Taiwan for 6,600 euro.

This auction attracted many fanciers from Taiwan, and no less than 20 on a total of 39 pigeons were sold to Taiwanese fanciers. The other pigeons were sold to Belgium (4), China (3), Romania (3), Iraq), and one each to Germany, Egypt, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Poland, and Turkey.

Erik Limbourg – 21 pigeons – 1,205 euro/pigeon

Erik Limbourg was selling 21 youngsters of his best racing birds.

The most expensive pigeon in this auction was a daughter of Number One, 5th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2017. She was sold to a Belgian champion for 3,000 euro.

The event attracted particular interest in Belgium, with 12 out of 21 pigeons moving to a Belgian loft. The other birds will be shipped to China (4), Taiwan (2), Japan (1), The Philippines (1) and Poland (1).

FJ Irmer – 10 pigeons – 2,160 euro/pigeon

Last but not least we had the online auction of Frans Josef Irmer, who sold 10 youngsters of his best OLR and Van den Bulck birds.

The most expensive birds were two sons from Pitbull Kittel (brother Kittel) x Sister Dam Olympic Rosita, both sold to a Chinese fancier for 3,200 euro and 3,000 euro each.
​The pigeons were sold to 6 different countries: China (4), Germany (2) and to Canada, Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Taiwan (one each).