Auction weekend closes at 271,300 EURO – Hans Lekscha raises 121,000 EURO overall

Nine different auctions closed this Sunday, raising 271,300 EURO overall. We briefly discuss each auction below.

Hans Lekscha – 1,663 EURO/pigeon – 73 pigeons
One of the strongest German lofts in recent years had decided at the end of the season to auction its best pigeons on PIPA, minus the unflown youngsters. Preparations were disrupted as the team fell victim to theft. Among the pigeons that were stolen was their 1st Olympiad Pigeon 2017. Fortunately they still had enough top quality pigeons in their collection to make this an attractive auction, and the event was a success indeed: 121,425 euro for 73 pigeons, or 1,663 EURO per pigeon. These are the three most expensive birds:

  • Brother Olympiade 161 – 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon 2016 – 11,800 EURO – China
  • Olympiade 161 – 2nd Olympiad Pigeon 2015 – 11,400 EURO – Germany
  • Sire Olympiade 161 – 8,200 EURO – China

There was a remarkable number of bidders from Germany, which tells us something about the status of Hans Lekscha as a top level fancier. 33 of a total of 73 pigeons have been sold to German fanciers, including some big names. The other pigeons will be shipped to China (16), Taiwan (16), Slovakia (2), Belgium (1), Denmark (1), Japan (1), The Netherlands (1), Trinidad & Tobago (1), and the USA.

Erik Limbourg – 1,643 EURO/pigeon – 23 pigeons
Erik Limbourg had another highly successful racing season, winning for instance a title of 2nd National Ace Pigeon long distance old birds. It has become an annual tradition for him to auction a round of youngsters from his best breeders on PIPA. He raised 37,800 EURO overall or 1,643 EURO per youngster, and the most expensive youngster was Erik's Favourite, which goes to a Belgian fancier for 5,800 EURO. The 23 youngsters have been sold to Belgium (11), China (6), Taiwan (3), Iraq (2), and Romania (1).

Freialdenhofen & Sons – 1,321 EURO/pigeon – 7 pigeons
The Freialdenhofen family raises a round of youngsters from their best breeders regularly every season. This time they sold 7 youngsters related to their best Barcelona pigeons. The 7 youngsters raised 9,250 EURO in total, with the most expensive bird being a youngster of Barcelona King. It was sold to a German fancier for 1,700 EURO.

Norman N&F – 1,317 EURO/pigeon – 6 pigeons
This father-son combination raised 6 youngsters from their best breeders; they have been sold for 7,900 EURO overall. The most expensive pigeon is a youngster of Florian, which goes to Belgium for 1,600 EURO. Five out of six pigeons go to a Belgian loft, one goes all the way to Taiwan.

Lubomir Kubacek – 846 EURO/pigeon – 12 pigeons 

This renowned Czech pigeon loft raised a round of youngsters on PIPA for the second time, along with a few racing birds. They had an excellent overall revenue of 10,450 EURO for 12 pigeons. The most expensive one was sale 2, which goes to The Philippines for 1,900 EURO. The pigeons were sold to a wide range of countries: Poland (3), China (2), The Philippines (2), Germany (2), Slovakia (1), Japan (1), and the Czech Republic (1).

Willy & Ivan Baetens – 1,517 EURO/pigeon – 6 pigeons

We had six youngsters from the best breeders of father & son Baetens, who raised 1,517 EURO per youngster or 9,100 EURO overall. The most expensive youngster was a youngster of Witpen Rivaldo, which goes to Taiwan for 3,000 EURO. The 6 youngsters will be shipped to Taiwan (3), Belgium (2), and Germany (1).

Johan de Belser – 1,742 EURO/pigeon – 6 pigeons
A small but valuable pigeon collection and a highly successful auction: the 6 pigeons were sold for 10,450 EURO overall or 1,742 EURO per pigeon. The most expensive one was sale 1, Kleinzoon Kaasboer, an invaluable racing bird that goes to China for 5,400 EURO. The 6 pigeons are going to China (4), Japan (1) and Belgium (1).

Embregts-Theunis – 1,019 EURO/pigeon – 8 pigeons
In this auction we had a few youngsters of Embregts-Theunis, and the most expensive one was a youngster of Super Rossi, which goes to Kuwait for 2,000 EURO. The 8 pigeons will be going to The Netherlands (3), Kuwait (2), Italy (1), China (1), and Morocco (1).

Mark Kitchenbrand – 2,378 EURO/pigeon – 24 pigeons
The 24 pigeons in this auction had all been purchased by Mike Cooney in November. After Cooney's sudden passing it was decided to re-auction all the pigeons that he had purchased. This second edition was another great success, with an average sale price of 2,378 EURO per pigeon or 57,075 EURO for 24 pigeons. The most expensive pigeon was a daughter of Birdy, which goes to Romania for 10,400 EURO. The pigeons were sold to the USA (8), Taiwan (5), Romania (3), China (2), Belgium (1), Canada (1), Kuwait (1), Pakistan (1), Slovakia (1), and the United Kingdom (1).

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