Auction weekend closes at 265,625 euro – Ivo Renders: 15,800 euro, 6,000 euro, 4,400 euro,…

Breeding hen Eef of Ivo Renders was sold for 15,800 EURO, and the other eye-catchers were Son New Laureaat (9,000 euro), Son Tsaby (7,200 euro), Sister Miss Overegge (6,200 euro), Viviane (6,000 euro), Daughter Golden Prince (5,800 euro), etc.

Extreme Long Distance Auction – 62 pigeons – 1,858 euro/pigeon
The first auction of the day was aimed at the fanciers of the longer distance. This was mainly a Dutch event, with the pigeons of Batenburg-Van de Merwe, Jan Hooymans and Jelle Jellema selling particularly well. The most expensive pigeons were Son New Laureaat (9,000 euro), Agen Harry (5,000 euro), Grandson New Laureaat (5,000 euro), Son Silke (4,800 euro), and Son Special One (4,400 euro). The auction was a great success with an overall revenue of 115,000 euro, and with pigeons being sold to 18 (!) different countries: Taiwan (12), Belgium (12), The Netherlands (9), China (4), Great Britain (4), Kuwait (4), Columbia (2), Ireland (2), Japan (2), Romania (2), South Africa (2), Slovakia (1), Denmark (1), France (1), The Philippines (1), Armenia (1), Qatar (1) and Thailand (1).

Johan Halman – 3 pigeons – 3,267 euro/pigeon
The eye-catcher in this Miss Overegge special was a full sister of Miss Overegge; she will be moving to China for 6,200 euro. Provincial winner Chimay was also sold to a Chinese loft, for 2,100 euro. A half brother of Miss Overegge will be moving to Taiwan for 1,500 euro.

Combinatie Elzinga – 16 pigeons – 1,183 euro/pigeon
The Elzinga combination sold 16 youngsters from their best breeders. The most expensive bird was Son Hallilujah, sold to a Taiwanese fancier for 3,000 euro. The other pigeons will be moving to Taiwan (5), Thailand (2), Bulgaria (2), China (2), Columbia (1), The Czech Republic (1), Denmark (1), The Netherlands (1) and Poland (1).

Chris Hebberecht – 6 pigeons – 2,717 euro/pigeon

The long distance champion from Evergem sold a fantastic group of pigeons, which attracted many potential buyers. A half brother of Ike, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance, was sold for 5,200 euro. The stars of this event were two daughters, which were sold for 3,000 and 2,800 euro respectively. All three were sold to a fancier from China, with the remaning birds going to belgium, Switzerland and The USA.

Annick Goeteyn – 10 pigeons – 2,250 EUR/pigeon
The star of the show was obviously the last son of top breeder Tsaby; he was sold for 7,200 euro. The two youngsters of Orlando were sold for 3,800 and 3,200 euro respectively. Five pigeons will be shipped to China, two to Belgium, and one to Columbia, Great Britain and Thailand.

Gino Clicque – 10 pigeons – 3,090 euro/pigeon

One year after his old birds' auction, Gino Clicque surprised us all with a new ace pigeon title. It was in fact a grandchild of Golden Prince, Golden Princess, that claimed this 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon title Long Distance. This was an impressive feat, and it was also the central theme of this auction: Gino offered for sale a group of youngsters of his two ace pigeons. A daughter of Golden Prince was sold for 5,800 euro, and two sons of Golden Princess raised 4,400 and 4,200 euro respectively. The pigeons will be moving to their new lofts in China (3), Belgium (2), Taiwan (2), Japan (2), and The United States (1).

Ivo Renders – 26 pigeons – 2,000 euro/pigeon

The day ended with an auction of Ivo Renders. He is renowned for getting brilliant results with a very small number of pigeons. He had the best pigeon in the PIPA ranking over 6 and 7 races in his collection, and this racing hen also happened to be the most expensive pigeon: a Taiwanese fancier obtained her for 15,800 euro. The other stars in this auction were Golden William (2nd Nat. Chateauroux), sold for 4,400 euro, and Viviane (1st Nat. Zone Argenton), sold for 6,000 euro. The buyers came from Belgium (9), Taiwan (5), Columbia (3), Canada (2), Germany (2), Italy (2), Japan (2) and Great Britain (1).