Auction weekend closes with 261,000 EURO – 21,000 EURO Brother Porsche 911, 18,400 EURO Sister Porsche 911

Nine different auctions ended this weekend; each one will be briefly summarised below.

March Auction- 62 pigeons -1,331 EUR/pigeon

We started the day with our March auction which included these three eye-catchers:

  • Beauty Pearl, together with her sire Lion Zion (Vandenheede F&J) - sold to a Chinese fancier for 10,000 EURO
  • Daughter Roman, Jellema Jelle, goes to Taiwan for 4,400 EURO
  • Good Vaal, orginal Dirk Van den Bulck, goes to China for 4,000 EURO

The pigeons have been sold to 18 different countries: Taiwan (12), Belgium (9), China (9), France (5), The Netherlands (5), Columbia (4), Poland (4), Germany (3), Romania (3), The USA (3), The UK (1), Hungary (1), Iran (1), Japan (1), Kuwait (2), Morocco (1), and Portugal (1).

Best of CZ Republic – 8 pigeons – 1,128 EUR/pigeon

Pigeons of the best fanciers in the Czech Republic were offered for sale in this auction.
The most expensive bird was sale 1, Olympic 563, and Olympiad Pigeon in Brussels 2017 that was sold to a German fancier for 3,000 EURO. The other pigeons went to Columiba (1), Canada (1), China (1), The Czech Republic (1), The UK (1), and Japan (1).

Special Edition – Collector’s Items – 8 pigeons – 7,988 EUR/pigeon

Yanik (FR) sold a fine collection of pigeons last weekend, and his auction was quite a success.
​Here are his most expensive birds:
- Broer Porsche 911, sold to China for 21,000 EURO
- Zus Porsche 911, sold to Belgium for 18,400 EURO

The pigeons were sold to China (3), Taiwan (3), and to Belgium and the UK (1 each).

André en Bert Leideman - 13 pigeons – 1,329 EURO/pigeon

The combination of Andre and Bert Leideman raised youngsters of their very best breeders.
​Their most expensive pigeons were:

- Geysir, Brother Goed Grijs, goes to Thailand for 3,200 EURO
- Canturo, Brother Jet, goes to Germany for 2,000 EURO
The pigeons were sold to 8 different countries: Belgium (3), Germany (2), Kuwait (2), Qatar (2), The Netherlands (1), Thailand (1), Taiwan (1) and The USA (1).

Pieter Oberholster  - 6 pigeons – 2,750 EURO/pigeon

In his first PIPA auction Pieter sold 6 grandchildren of his renowned Rudy (Gaby Vandenabeele).
The most expensive bird was sale 1, a grandchild of Bliksem and Rudy, sold to China for 7,800 EURO.
​The other pigeons are going to China (3) and Columbia (2).

Koen Minderhoud – 8 pigeons – 2,338 EURO/pigeon

Koen Minderhoud offered for sale no less than three youngsters of his stock breeder Geeloger:
​1 racing bird and 2 youngsters. These pigeons were also the most expensive birds in auction.

The two youngsters of Geeloger x Roodoogje were sold for 3,800 EURO each, with one going to the UK and the other to Taiwan. Den Argenton, a son of Geeloger and winner of a 5th NPO Argenton, was sold to a fancier from Qatar for 3,600 EURO.

The pigeons were sold to 6 different countries: The Netherlands (2), Taiwan (2), Germany (1), Poland (1), Qatar (1) and The UK (1).

Albert Derwa – 6 pigeons – 2,366 EUR/pigeon                

Six youngsters of Albert's best breeders were sold in auction.
​Here are the two most expensive ones:
-Jong Double Harry x Paulien, goes to Taiwan for 3,400 EURO
-Inbred Zoon, goes to Kuwait for 3,200 EURO

The pigeons were sold to six different countries: Argentina, China, Kuwait, The Netherlands, Taiwan and The USA.

Hardy Krüger – 11 duiven – 2.330 EUR/ duif

Hardy Krüger sold nothing but descendants of his stock breeder Black Power.

The most expensive bird was a daughter of Black Power, which goes to the United States for 7,400 EURO.

The pigeons were sold to nine different countries: France (2), Thailand (2), Belgium (1), Columbia (1), Germany (1), Qatar (1), Slovakia (1), Taiwan (&) and The United States.

Jeroen & Stijn Rans – 7 pigeons – 1,886 EUR/pigeon

After claiming 2 national first prizes in 2017, the Rans Brothers sold 7 youngsters of their national winners.
The most expensive one was a youngster of their 1st National Perignan x 1st National Pau. It was sold to a Flemish fancier for 3,800 EURO.
​The pigeons will be shipped to the following countries: Belgium (3), Columbia (2), France (1), and The Netherlands (1).