Auction weekend closes at 250,000 Euros

One auction closed this weekend, with Vermeerbergen-Wilms selling their entire pigeon collection minus their youngsters of 2017.

It has been quite a successful auction with an average of no less than 1,520 EURO per pigeon.

Here is a look at the most expensive pigeons of this auction:

The dam of National Wonder goes to China for €21,000
The sire of National Wonder was sold to a Belgian fancier for €20,500
These pigeons are the two parents of National Wonder, which won a 2nd Nat. Chateauroux and a 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2015.

The other most expensive pigeons in this auction are:

Beauty Gaston goes to China for €13,800
Sister Gilbert goes to China as well for €10.800
Brother Zonal Gueret was also sold to a Chinese fancier for €10,400

The Vermeerbergen-Wilms pigeon family has been sold to 14 different countries: Belgium (45), China (50), France (3), Germany (6), India (1), Japan (3), The Netherlands (2), Poland (2), Taiwan (39), Thailand (2), The United Arab Emirates (1), The United Kingdom (3), The United States (7) and Switzerland (1).