Auction Karlo Van Rompaey exceeds all expectations: 581,625 EUR (2,454 EUR/pigeon) overall and 79,000 and 31,500 EUR for national winners Hattrick and Prima Dora!

After several successful racing seasons, Karlo Van Rompaey was asked by PIPA if he was interested in racing their PEC pigeons as of 2018. He was more than willing to accept this new challenge. As a result, his entire pigeon family was put up for auction, and his sale proved a great success: 581,625 EURO for 237 pigeons or 2,454 EURO on average. It was more than he had hoped for but he deserves it nonetheless.

Sunday 4th of March 2018

Sunday 4th of March was the closing day of the first 11 lots of the Karlo Van Rompaey auction, with 125 pigeons in total. The eye-catchers of part one were his two national winners from Bourges: Hattrick and Prima Dora. Hattrick, winner of a 1st Nat. Bourges 14,449 p. (fastest of 60,059 p.) and the sire of twelve first prize winners, was sold to a Chinese fancier for an impressive 79,000 EUROPrima Dora, winner of a 1st Nat. Bourges 18,864 p., has a solid reputation as a breeder as well, as the dam/grandmother of 8 first prize winners. She will be moving to China as well for 31,500 EURO. In fact, the ten most expensive pigeons were all sold to Chinese fanciers. Unsurprisingly, China was also the country with the most sales to their name, purchasing 53 pigeons on day 1. Taiwan invested a lot as well, obtaining 20 pigeons in total. The remaining pigeons went to 14 different countries: Belgium (13), Columbia (8), Japan (7), Germany (6), Italy, Poland and the United States (3), Kuwait and France (2), and Denmark, South Africa, Spain, Iraq and Turkey (1). The overall revenue on Sunday amounted to 370,950 EURO, which exceeded the wildest expectations.

Monday 5th of March 2018

A total of 112 pigeons were sold in ten parts on Monday. The most expensive bird was Top Girl, which goes to China for 17,600 EURO. THe most expensive pigeons were again obtained mostly by Chinese fanciers: they purchased six of the auction's most expensive birds. The other most expensive birds went to Belgium (the 3rd most expensive bird), Poland (6th), Germany (9th) and Iraq (10th). Just like on day one, most pigeons were sold to lofts in China (38), Belgium (23) and Taiwan (14). The remaining pigeons will be shipped to Japan and Poland (7), Germany (5), Iraq (5), France and Morocco (3), Italy, Iran and Columbia (2), South Africa, Thailand, Denmark and Kuwait (1). The overall revenue on Monday, 210,675 EURO, was again a great surprise.

An exceptional and surprising outcome

The entire pigeon family of Karlo Van Rompaey raised 581,625 EURO in two days, or an average of 2,454 EURO per pigeon. No one had predicted such an outcome, although everyone was aware of the level of quality in Karlo's pigeon collection. The overall revenue clearly shows that the fancier from Sint-Truiden has earned the respect of the entire pigeon racing community over the years. This is a surprising outcome but he deserves it more than anyone else. We think the respective buyers from the following countries will agree wholeheartedly; the total number of pigeons that were sold are included in brackets: China (91), Belgium (36), Taiwan (34), Japan (13), Germany (11), Columbia (10), Poland (9), Iraq (6), France and Italy (5), USA and Kuweit (3), Morocco, Denmark, South Africa and Iran (2), and Turkey, Thailand and Spain (1).