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Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude – NL) wins double on prov. Pommeroeul 17,536 birds

With the important weeks for the Dutch one day specialists coming up, several champions already took control thoroughly in their provinces. Like Arie Dijkstra, who crowns his season so far with a great 1.-2. victory on the provincial race Pommeroeul (355 km) against 17,536 birds.

Both winners are crosses of the strains Tjipke and Auke Bosma x Arie Dijkstra. “These cocks were not entered for the long distance race last week, with the intention to save some ‘fresh forces’ for the rest of the season,” says the miracle man from Oudwoude. “A tactic that pays out already! I believe bringing in Bosma pigeons is a great reinforcement for short and middle distance racing; especially because I purchased from their best! Crossed to my own base of course, as I know exactly to what fine performances they are up to.” Arie wins 37 prize cards from 50 basketed pigeons on this Pommeroeul edition. A great continuation of last week’s performance, when Arie excelled on the NPO race from Sens (599 km) against 9,935 birds, winning 14.-31.-40.-48.-57.-60.-90. (28/40).

Winner 1. prov. Pommeroeul 17,536 birds
Fastest pigeon of the Frysland province is classy NL10-1030172 ‘Falcao’ … bred from ‘Neo’, a Bosma pigeon that came to reinforce the Dijkstra breeding colony and is bred from the winner 1. St. Quentin 2,553 birds and 5. Nat. Morlincourt 3,663 birds (son to wondrous Morlincourt-pair) x a top hen from stock breeder ‘Lance’. Mother to ‘Falcao’ is ‘De Lichte 08’, transferred to the breeding loft early being nest sister to top breeder ‘Lichte Morlincourt’ (father to a/o ‘Tinkelbel’ and grandfather to a/o ‘Okidoki’, ‘Boogie’, ‘Spikkeltje’ and ‘Ramses’). ‘De Lichte 08’ herself already bred acebirds and 1. prize winners … paired to ‘Neo’ she already produced winners of several top 100 winners in provincial racing. The victory of ‘Falcao’ was his sixth prize this year.

Winner 2. prov. Pommeroeul 17,536 birds
This a real top racer, who was basketed as second nominated bird; NL09-4201157 ‘Julius’ … in club for the third time in top 10 this season and in province in 2011 already winner of:

  2. Pommeroeul       17,536 birds
 43. ’s Hertogenbosch 23,846 birds
 74. Boxtel           12,974 birds
288. Wijchen          23,159 birds
733. Boxtel           23,123 birds

Top prizes of this still young wonder racer as youngster and yearling are a/o

    1. Meer               2,467 birds (18. province 10,501 birds)
    1. Deventer             375 birds (161. province 8,019 birds)
    5. Pommeroeul         4,038 birds (16. province 7,696 birds)
    6. Hasselt            5,784 birds (28. province 22,031 birds)
    14. Hazeldonk         1,995 birds (122. province 9,525 birds)
    15. Strombeek         2,142 birds (33. province 4,172 birds)
    16. Pommeroeul        1,638 birds (52. province 6,804 birds)
    33. Boxtel            5,776 birds (71. province 10,848 birds)

Father to ‘Julius’ is a direct son to ‘Lance’, the famous Bosma breeder. Mother is ‘Het Strikje 729’, a hen that already proved tob e of the highest standard in breeding. Her children already excelled on NPO/Nat. level winning a/o 10.-13.-19.-29.-38.-76. … She is bred from Arie Dijkstra’s wonder pair ‘De Big Boom’ x ‘Evita’. This pair also bred ‘Leonardo’, top breeding in combination with ‘Tinkelbel’. Last week a grandchild to this pair won 2. NPO Sens against 9,935 birds for Albert Timmerman from Steenwijk.


Hey Arie,

Gefeliciteerd he, een superprestatie en al zo vroeg in het seizoen !!
Ga zo door.....

Groeten Frederik

Gefeliciteerd Arie. Klasse prestatie en veel succes voor de komende vluchten.

Groeten Raymond. (Comb. Doornenbal - Jonker - Peters)

Sjieke dinges maatje
Gefeliciteerd !

Hoi Arie,

Van harte gefeliciteerd super gedaan, nog een dikke maand dan ga ik hier de dijkstraatjes uitproberen, nog veel succes in de komende vluchten.


Wout Spierings

Wederom grote Klasse Simply Red !

Simply ? dit is een geweldige prestatie "Gefeliciteerd"

Simply the best.i really like Arie Dijkstra pigeons,they performs at short,middle and long distance all round.

Ik vind hem op de zanger van de popgroep "Simply Red" lijken zeg ik altijd tegen hem. Zijn prestaties zijn Simply THE BEST. Super aardige kerel en topspeler !

Helemaal mee eens !