Announcement: Crehan & O'connor offers Ace award winning pigeons and the young birds of their best breeding pigeons

"Crehan & O'Connor offer to the clients of PIPA a fantastic batch of Ace award winning pigeons with a selection of young birds from their very best breeding pigeons.

John Crehan: "These birds are the finest we can offer and the lucky buyers will be making one of the wisest investments to enhance their own stock team whether they be total novices or already at the top of the sport, These birds will fill lofts anywhere in the world with winners and I state my reputation on it."

Included in the sale is the following:

  • 4 x actual RPRA award winning multi performance pigeon.
  • 2 Young birds From Wolverine RPRA award ace pigeon (ggson of the Kaanibaal) 1st U.K 4th In Europe in the 2011 Poznan Olympiad and sire of winning pigeons. The Dam is the “Mystique” winner of
  • 3 RPRA ace pigeon awards and dam of club, federation and combine winners.
  • 2 fantastic racing/producing Daughters of “Brother Maestro”
  • 2 young birds from “RIP” The No.1 stock cock in the Crehan & O’connor loft Sire & Grandsire of at least 30 x 1st prize winners and Grand sire of 1st National.
  • “Brother Maestro” the No.1 breeding Alwin Petrie cock in the United Kingdom Sire/Gsire of many winners and RPRA ace award winning birds.
  • 1 2011 young bird from Brother Maestro above.
  • 1 yb from RIPSTER ace award winner and sire of winners paired to a top breeding inbred kanibaal hen.


Best of luck with the sale John & partner...

best of luck john

good luck with the sale my friends your results speak louder than any words spoken. im sure lots of fanciers will benifet from the birds in this sale. enjoy your sale guys you deserve it Smile Smile Smile Smile

do you have email of john crehan? tkanks so much!!

somebody have email of john crehan? tkanks so much!! Regards. John Crehan