Alwin Petrie (Brummen, NL) shined in the European Cup and in The Best of The Best

The super hen ‘Gigi’ shined, after two NPO-victories, as the Dutch representative in the category middle distance in the European Cup in Dortmund … and as icing on the cake ‘Chanel’ , after winning the Ace bird championship from province 8, now the title 4th Nat. Ace bird Sprint/Middle Distance The Best of The Best 2011.

The star status that the NL09-1832062 ‘Gigi’ acquired as a yearling, gained more monument in 2011 when she had the second NPO victory of her career from Breuil le Vert … Alwin decided to basket her one more time and because she won top again she was placed directly in the breeding loft. For sending to the European Cup the super hen with the four necessary top prizes and only having taken part in six middle distance races in 2011, seemed to have an enormous disadvantage  against pigeons which had often raced twice the number of middle distance races … yet the impossible became true! With the following four prizes and a coefficient of 1,87 ‘Gigi’ earned her place in the European Cup: 

    1st Breuil le Vert (404 km)  – 2.576 p.
    12th Peronne (333 km)        – 2.577 p.
    17th Peronne (333 km)        – 3.415 p.
    24th Morlincourt (339 km)    – 5.785 p.  

‘Gigi’ is a daughter of ‘903 Inbred Porsche Bond’, out son x daughter of the icon which in the lofts of Alwin Petrie earned world fame as a racer and later made International furor as a breeding cock. Mother comes from Maurice Hasendonckx and is a granddaughter of ‘Kleine Blauwe’ and ‘Goede Jaarling’. A combination of blood lines which led to an exceptional honours list for ‘Gigi’, just three years old and already winner of: 

    1st NPO Peronne 2010         – 9.255 p.
    1st NPO Breuil le Vert 2011  – 5.858 p.
    3rd Nat. Ace bird European Cup middle distance 2012
    5th Nat. Ace bird sprint/middle distance The Best of The Best 2010
    1st Strombeek 2010           – 1.271 p. (2nd against 5.312 p.)
    1st Meer 2010                –   432 p. (7th against 7.001 p.)
    9th Peronne 2010             –   933 p.
    10th Pommeroeul 2010         – 7.262 p.
    10th Strombeek 2010          – 1.666 p.
    11th Peronne 2010            – 3.282 p.
    12th Peronne 2011            – 2.577 p.
    13th Pommeroeul 2011         – 1.626 p.
    17th Peronne 2011            – 3.415 p.
    20th Pommeroeul 2010         – 6.831 p.
    24th Morlincourt 2011        – 5,785 p.
    34th Strombeek 2010          – 6.727 p.
    67th Nivelles 2011           – 7.295 p.

Nest sister of ‘Gigi’ is NL09-1832063 ‘Gaga’, in 2011 crowned as 3rd Ace bird middle distance province 8 GOU and 6th prov. Ace bird sprint province 8 GOU (more than 30.000 pigeons at the start). In 2011 she won a.o. 1st Peronne 2.577 p. … 7th Nanteuil 2.887 p. … 9th Morlincourt 5.785 p. … 9th Nivelles 1.647 p. 


In the category sprint the NL08-1096355 ‘Chanel’ was 8th Dutch pigeon in addition to being a delegate for the European Cup … her season couldn’t go wrong after winning 1st Ace bird sprint from province 8 with more than 30.000 pigeons at the start. In the 20 races she won 20 prizes and all prizes were 1:10 … and 8x 1:100. Her richly filled honours list bombarded her to candidate for the National competition The Best Of The Best 2011 in the category sprint/middle distance. In the official result she can be found in 4th place … a fantastic crowning to a wondrous season. 

The most striking prizes of ‘Chanel’ are: 

1st Ace bird sprint province 8 GOU 2011
2nd Ace bird sprint province 8 GOU 2011
4th Nat. Ace bird sprint/middle distance GOU 2011
1st Ace bird sprint region 2 province 8 GOU 2011
1st Ace bird sprint District Zutphen 2011
1st Ace bird sprint District Zutphen 2011
1st Ace bird late races District Zutphen 2011
2nd Ace bird sprint District Zutphen 2010
1st Morlincourt 2009        – 1.170 p. (3rd against 5.280 p.)
1st Pommeroeul 2011         –   216 p. (5th against 998 p.)
2nd Peronne 2011            –   261 p. (18th against 1.912 p.)
4th Peronne 2011            –   104 p.
6th St. Job 2010            – 1.261 p.
7th Peronne 2009            - 3.676 p.
7th Nivelles 2011           – 1.647 p. (18th against 7.295 p.)
8th Nanteuil 2011           – 2.887 p.
8th Pommeroeul 2011         – 1.699 p.
8th Strombeek 2011          –   374 p.
9th Pommeroeul 2011         – 5.197 p.
9th Pommeroeul 2011         –   364 p.
9th Breuil le Vert 2011     –   164 p.
10th Peronne 2010           – 3.282 p.
15th St. Quentin 2009       – 4.262 p.
19th Breuil le Vert 2011    – 2.576 p.
19th Pommeroeul 2011        – 1.626 p.
20th Meer 2010              – 2.558 p.
21st Peronne 2010           – 2.060 p.
28th Peronne 2010           – 3.602 p.
48th Morlincourt 2010       – 5.187 p.
53rd St. Job 2010           – 7.399 p.
57th Pommeroeul 2009        – 6.824 p.
69th Roermond 2011          – 7.393 p.

‘Chanel’ is a daughter of ‘Masaratti’, the stock father of the Petrie loft and father, grandfather and great grandfather of a legion of 1st prize winners … mother is nest sister of the mother of ‘Gigi’. A super family of national Ace bird then; exclusive by Alwin Petrie.  



Gaat Alwin binnen enkele weken ook totaal min , min, verkopen??
Als het zo is, ge zijt goed bezig, mijn gedacht?
Ik moet zeggen , wie met jullie organisatie verkoopt.. er is geen betere.

good blood


Succes met je aankomende verkoop, dat jij niet veel doet aan promotie van jou duiven weet ik.
Maar dat jij de beste Vitesse en Midfond duiven hebt van Nederland weet ik wel!!. Er is geen beter hok die zulke geweldige uitslagen kan voorleggen!. Ik zal ook zeker gaan bieden op die GOUDKLOMPJES van jou..



he plays against great lofts with many pigeons and loft-managers in the near zutphen
but his competitors can´t fight against his results with a few number of pigeons
very good job alwin and surley the best midfond-pigeons in netherland.