For 2019 WPROL promises quick and correct results on the way to an honest pigeon sport

Director Celestine Donough of WPROL has explained his aims for 2019. The main goal is to finalize the results as quickly as possible. Compelling condition: the files must be received within 24 hours after basketting and thus before liberation. And unfortunately this was not always the case in 2018.

WPROL (World Pigeon Racing Online) is a provider of software and services. This company with its main seat in Cork (Ireland) aims to quickly and transparently provide all race and championship result to its partners like the KBDB. The three year contract with the KBDB finishes on the 1st of December 2019 and is tripartite: the results of the races, the doping controls and the complete KBDB administration.

Signing this contract meant a high amount of maney and the expectations were very high. The KBDB received a number of modules like the member administration, sales of rings, announcement of lost pigeons, the actual management, the race calendar and the financial management. As for the management of the races the KBDB uses a whole bunch of WPROL modules like the calculation of the results and the championships. The KBDB didn’t dispose of the software and the hardware to manage all these things in a reasonable manner. WPROL makes all this available. The only thing left was using the software and the hardware in a decent way, but here things went completely wrong.


Celestine Donough: “ For a correct procedure we must receive the basketting files within 24 hours after basketting and at any rate before liberation. This is the only way for us to be able to check and eventually correct the data of the basketted pigeons. But practice showed out to be different. Basketting and clocking files were sometimes sent together, which is pernicious for a correct procedure, and which makes it possible to manipulate the poolings.”

WPROL is very conscious that things should go faster in 2019: provisional results should come faster and complaints of fanciers should be treated in a faster way. Celestine Donough: “We understand that fanciers were not fully satisfied. We can only promise optimal service if all the files arrive more rapidly and if possible faultless. Only then fanciers and clubs will get what they pay for. With our modern technology the KBDB brings the pigeon sport faster and live to the fanciers and the clubs. They get a clear sight on the progress of the races and easy control of the results.

The many result corrections that had to be done in 2018 – frequently to distraction of the fancier – were in a lot of cases to be reduced to incorrect ring numbers.Celestine Donough: “Our software can only produce correct results and championships when we know who is the real owner of the ring, when the rings are correctly coupled and when the coordinates are correct.”