1st international Barcelona 2013 'New Laureaat' finds new home at Batenburg/PEC

The first international Barcelona 2013 (New Laureaat of Luc Wiels) was transferred to the loft of Hugo Batenburg and the PIPA Elite Center shortly after the most important race of the season. This is quite exceptional; it is the first time since 1996 that the international Barcelona winner is not transferred to Asia.


The last international winner that had not been moved to Asia was the pigeon BE92-4428350 Laureaat Barcelona from the Gyselbrecht family, which won the race against 20,925 pigeons. This was a stock pigeon with exceptional breeding qualities and his granddaughter (daughter Narcis Laureaat bred by Carlo Gyselbrecht) was actually the dam of the BE08-2222675 New Laureaat, the winner of this year’s classic from Barcelona for Luc Wiels. This is quite remarkable.

This international victory of 2013 marks the end of a wonderful racing career for this blue coloured white flight cock. He has an outstanding list of achievements as a racing pigeon:

Barcelona 2011 (Velocity: 1340 mpm)
  1st Brabant         -  1,550 p.
  8th Nationaal       – 12,281 p.
  41st Internationaal – 26,650 p.
Barcelona 2012 (1061 mpm)
  323rd National – 11,590 p. 
Barcelona 2013 (944 mpm)
  1st National - 10,685 p.
  1st International – 25,382 p.

These are exceptional results in the race from Barcelona and it could make New Laureaat the most successful Barcelona pigeon of Belgium over three years’ time. This title would be the crowning achievement, along with his other Barcelona titles:

Winner of "Gouden Vleugel" Barcelona 2013
14th nat. Barcelona Pigeon PIPA rankings in 2 years
27th int. Barcelona Pigeon PIPA rankings in 2 years

Both Monica and Narcis Laureaat are children of Laureaat Barcelona (international winner Barcelona 1995);
King's mother is the nest sister of Laureaat Barcelona's father

Before the start of the 2013 season Luc Wiels had great confidence in the bloodlines of Laureaat Barcelona and especially Narcis Laureaat. He visited Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht in February 2013 and he asked him if he had any youngsters of Narcis Laureaat. Carlo proposed a joint breeding. These were the exact words of Luc Wiels on 20 February: “It is my goal to breed a new generation from the Narcis bloodline because I have full confidence in these pigeons, especially for the race from Barcelona. It is my dream to win the first prize with a descendant of Laureaat one day!” It seems his prayers have been answered.

A unique transfer

“To win the international from Barcelona means a lot”, says dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht, whose breeding skills led to the victory of Laureaat Barcelona in 1995. “This is a great experience for every pigeon fancier. To win Barcelona is like a dream come true. This race has basically dominated my career as a fancier. Barcelona winners are always very talented birds and they very often turn into excellent breeders as well.” The same applies to Laureaat Barcelona. Carlo applied a number of well thought out breeding strategies, as a result of which the bloodlines of Laureaat have achieved many great successes, including:

1st Int. Barcelona 1995 - Gyselbrecht
  (Laureaat Barcelona, directly bred by Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht)
1st Int. Barcelona 2003 – Fauche
  (great-grandchild Laureaat Barcelona, grandfather was bred by Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht)
1st Int. Barcelona 2013 – Wiels
  (great-grandchild, the dam was bred by Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht)
2nd Int. Barcelona 2008 - Van Kerckvoorde
  (great-grandchild Laureaat Barcelona, grandmother was bred by Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht)
1st Nat. Montelimar 2010 - Bourlard
  (great-grandchild Laureaat Barcelona)
1st Nat. Pau 2006 - Moens
  (grandchild Laureaat Barcelona)
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Grand Distance KBDB 2008 with 0.25% - Etienne Meirlaen
  (great-grandchild Laureaat Barcelona)

Carlo has also bred winners of 2nd national and 4th national Barcelona in the past. The (predicted) 15th international from Barcelona 2013 was bred from a double grandchild of Laureaat Barcelona as well.

Nikolaas and Thomas Gyselbrecht were really inspired by his passion for Barcelona. Every time they see Hugo Batenburg, the best Dutch marathon fancier in recent times, they will only talk about the mythical race from Barcelona. Their friendship resulted in the joint purchase of New Witbuik (First Nat. Barcelona The Netherlands 2012), which then led to a new Barcelona triumph. They closely watched the arrivals in the 2013 race, which was demanding but fair. This was a race for an exceptional pigeon. Hugo added another 6th and 21st national prize to his list of achievements and Nikolaas saw his father’s blinking eyes when he heard that the dam of this year’s international winner was bred in his breeding loft, as the granddaughter of Laureaat. They immediately made an arrangement. Hugo Batenburg and Thomas Gyselbrecht hurried to Luc Wiels to admire the fresh international winner.

Hugo Batenburg: “It reminded me of the race from Barcelona that Vannoppen won, that was around 1998. It was a race with similar conditions as in 2013: hot weather and a strong headwind.  It is no coincidence that the winning pigeon developed into an excellent breeder as well and I expect nothing else from this year’s winner. Thomas (Gyselbrecht) was waiting for some of his pigeons and he told me about the winner, his list of achievements and his bloodlines. He was very enthusiastic. I was convinced that I had to take a look at this exceptional pigeon right away.” This was a déjà vu for the partners of Batenburg and PEC, who were willing to spend a lot of money to create an unparalleled breeding team around New Laureaat and New Witbuik. It was late when Hugo could finally take a look at this new phenomenon. He was impressed. “You couldn’t tell that this pigeon had just done one of the toughest races from Barcelona of the last twenty years. He felt really strong and he had soft feathers. This pigeon must be strong as steel, he is a great addition. It was amazing to achieve a great result from Barcelona and to purchase the first International Barcelona on the very same day.”

“We at PEC are really proud to be working together with such a great fancier as Hugo”, Nikolaas Gyselbrecht explains. “He owns one of the best marathon pigeon lofts worldwide and New Laureaat will feel at home right away. Hugo has already been looking for his first partner: the winner of the 21st national Barcelona 2013 and a granddaughter of Jonge Witbuik.” The crossing of the Laureaat Barcelona lines and Hugo’s Witbuik family might trigger a revolution in pigeon racing. That is because the Witbuik lines can also be found in the pedigrees of the second national Belgium/second international Barcelona and first national Barcelona 2013 in The Netherlands. New Laureaat’s transfer to the PEC and Hugo Batenburg is a blessing for our sport in Western Europe, because we have been able to keep this invaluable pigeon in European hands. This blue coloured white flight cock appears ready to become a new stock champion and to follow in the footsteps of some illustrious predecessors that have also won the classic from Barcelona.  

The buyers of this pigeon are not the only ones who are satisfied with this transfer. International Barcelona winner Luc Wiels is delighted about this top transfer as well:

Dear Carlo, Nikolaas, Thomas and Hugo

It really pleases me that the international winner from Barcelona will be transferred to you. I’d like to thank you for the fair and honest deal and for the friendly atmosphere during the negotiations.

The long-standing friendship with Carlo has contributed to a smooth cooperation in mutual trust.

Thank you PIPA!

Luc Wiels


Proficiat Mr Wiels, ik ben zelf geen fondspeler maar kan alleen maar veel respect opbrengen voor zo een Barcelonatopper als deze duif is ... duidelijk geen eendagsvlieg !!!!

Nogmaals dikke proficiat.

Vanoppen B85-5251150 BC Cock, het zal in 1987 zijn geweest. niet in 1988.

Mijn foto is het hoofd van Venoppen.

Zal wel 100.000 euro opgebracht hebben. Succes

Proficiat Hugo & PEC! 100.000€ lijkt me beetje weinig met een Barcelonawinnaar met dergelijk palmares!

wonderfull!i think we will hear about this pigeons in the next years..
probably a new legend

Super dat z'n top duif op de beste fond hok van nederland komt.
Gefeliciteerd Hugo & PEC

Voor de liefhebber is dit natuurlijk een droom die werkelijkheid is geworden ... gefeliciteerd!

Maar hoe is het voor de duif zelf?

Die levert een superprestatie en als dankjewel wordt hij dezelfde dag nog verkocht en verhuisd ... als je dan leest dat die duif erg fel was op zijn territorium ... dat wordt hem nu dus voorgoed afgenomen.

Het zal wel aan mij liggen, maar ik vind het een triest verhaal.

Félicitations à vous tous.
A bientôt certainement à Fugare.
Salutations Colombophiles.

Congratiulations my brother & Hugo !!!

Top aquisition !!!

I think Mr Carlo is in this moment the happiest fancier on earth Smile

The legend of "Laureaat Barcelona" is moving further ...

Congratulations to you


Comptent que le 1er International Barcelone 2013 vas rester chez vous !
Bon élevage et en 2015 en vas voir les premiérs resultats Wink
Bonne chance pour le futur.

Congratulations Wiels, on this wonderful achievement.

Perhaps you can share with us your preparation of the pigeon for this race?


Hugo en team Pipa,

Gefeliciteerd met deze mooie aankoop !

Wanneer moet ik koppelen Hugo om de eitjes te kunnen overleggen ? Wink

Congratulations to you