Information about pigeon fancier Zecchinon Lucien


(02/08/2012) Lucien Zecchinon (Lixhe, BE) win the 1st national Bourges of 10.037 olds !

A national victory in the most prestigious race of the season after more than 50 years of racing: this is without doubt a supreme result for Lucien Zecchinon who probably would have not dreamt about it in his wildest dreams!

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(29/07/2012) Bourges II 2012 | National winner Belgium Old birds: Zecchinion Lucien (Lixhe)

Zecchinon Lucien from Lixhe wins the national race from Bourges II. He clocked his pigeon at 12:17 CEST after a race of 472,625 km. Average velocity of his pigeon: 1489,6 mpm.