Information about pigeon fancier Vink Marijke


(04/12/2017) Marijke Vink (Mookhoek, NL) still one of the leading names in The Netherlands with the help of the Koopman breed

Pigeon fancier Marijke Vink has been a household name in The Netherlands for several decades now. This pigeon family was founded already in 1988, with the help of Gerard Koopman. We are now 30 years later and the Koopman bloodlines, along with recent introductions of H. & E. Eijerkamp and L. Heremans, can still be found in the pedigrees of her current prize winners Second Aladin, Sanne, Gerard ...


(19/10/2016) The LDHA gene - is it the secret behind the success story of Marijke Vink (Mookhoek, NL)?

As most of you know, Marijke Vink has a highly capable pigeon breed. Marijke wanted to know what it was that made her racing team so successful. Maybe it had something to do with the so called LDHA gene? We went out to do a bit of research.


(26/11/2015) Marijke Vink (Mookhoek, NL) is Champion One Day Long Distance in Entente "Hoekse Waard en omstreken"

The renowned Koopman pigeons of Marijke Vink have continued to show their value in 2015. Marijke won the title of 3rd Champion one day long distance in Province 5 South Holland, and she became 1st Champion of the one day long distance in the entente “Hoekske Waard en omstreken”.


(26/12/2014) Marijke Vink (Mookhoek, NL) has been performing at the highest level thanks to her solid Koopman bloodlines

The noble bloodlines of Koopman combined with a touch of Heremans and Eijerkamp continue to provide the basis for the highly successful pigeon loft of Marijke Vink.


(13/12/2012) Wonder woman Marijke Vink (Mookhoek, NL) makes great strides with her excellent bloodlines!

Marijke Vink has always been associated with the pigeons of Gerard Koopman, whom Marijke visited in 1988 after his impressive results from – at that time – New-Amsterdam. Today, 24 years later, top class pigeons such as Aladian, Reza, Farah Diba and Tips have put their mark on pigeon racing worldwide.

Race Report

(23/12/2010) New stars shine by Marijke Vink - Mookhoek (NL)

One of the most wonderful comebacks in the pigeon sport over the last few years is in the name of Marijke Vink, wonder woman from Mookhoek.


(07/09/2010) “The story Queen Marijke Vink” (NL) - Part 1

It was some time ago that I had a day out. This time I was specially requested by Pipa to visit Marijke Vink in the Hoeksch – Waard, South – Holland (Ned.) situated Mookhoek.


(05/09/2010) “The story Queen Marijke Vink” (Part 2)

After a quiet year without having to perform, the decision was made to try again with the youngsters in the year 2007. It became more of a challenge to try to get back to from where they had said farewell……the top !!!!