Information about pigeon fancier Verbesselt Andre


(25/05/2013) In Memoriam: Andre Verbesselt

On Friday 24 May we will all pay our last respects to our good friend and great fancier Andre Verbesselt. The funeral is to take place in the Sint Martinus church in Ramsdonk.


(18/05/2013) Mr. André Verbesselt (Buggenhout, BE) deceased

On the 17th of May 2013 at the age of 61 André Verbesselt passed away.


(25/06/2011) ‘Miss Joice’ from Andre Verbesselt at the basis of ‘interprovincial victory’ by Stella Rossa, and ‘national top’ by Jef Van Winkel!

Over the last few seasons the ‘Miss Joice’ from Andre Verbesselt seems to have developed into a breeding mother with ‘airs and graces’, a real ‘breeding phenomenon’! She also lies a the basis of the ‘interprovincial victory’ by Rocco Toscani, and national toppers by Jef Van Winkel!


(11/03/2011) Pictures of a part of Andre Verbesselt's collection of breeding stars (Buggenhout, BE)

For the last few seasons sport friend Andre Verbesselt from the East-Flemish Buggenhout has been well on his way to making a ‘name’ for himself in the Asian countries. In 2008 Andre’s pigeons achieved a remarkable performance by winning the 8° + 45° prize in the ‘One Million Euro Race’ in Sjanghai in China.


(08/10/2010) Andre Verbesselt - Buggenhout (BE) has a marvellous breeding mother in the lofts in his ‘Miss Joice’

If we take a look at the end results from the various ‘one loft races’ over the last few seasons , then we have to conclude that… sport friend Andre Verbesselt, from the East-Flemish Buggenhout, has been well on his way over the last few seasons to making ‘name’ and ‘fame’ in the Asian countries.