Information about pigeon fancier Velghe Dominique


(05/01/2018) Four years of international top results in the One Loft Races for Dominique Velghe (Ingelmunster, BE)

Dominique Velghe is a renowned pigeon photographer but he has proven over the years to be quite a successful pigeon fancier as well. He managed to finish in the top 100 in four Million Dollar Races, and he won a 7th prize in this year's Sevilla Pigeons Race. This is his tribute to his grandmaster André Verbesselt.


(03/03/2015) Dominique Velghe (Ingelmunster, BE) excels in Million Dollar Race of South Africa with his Andre Verbesselt pigeons

The well known pigeon photographer Dominique Velghe was the most successful Belgian fancier in the final race of the South African SAMDPR One Loft Race, with no less than four pigeons finishing in the national top 100, winning a 17th, 28th, 49th and 95th prize against a total of 2,453 pigeons.