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(25/06/2018) Duiventil Jef Vanwinkel (Tielt-Winge, BE) in de as gelegd

Bij Jef Vanwinkel woedde er maandagochtend een brand op de hokken. Enkele honderden duiven kwamen daarbij om het leven. De overige duiven konden ontkomen maar zijn momenteel dakloos. Jef hoopt nu zoveel mogelijk duiven te kunnen redden.


(15/10/2015) Jef Vanwinkel (Tielt-Winge, BE) gets in the picture again in 2015

Some fanciers will manage to get in the picture every single season, either with a great result or a championship prize. Jef Vanwinkel is a perfect example. His Trissy (BE13-2052352) was the only pigeon to win five national top 114 prizes this season.


(28/06/2015) Jef Vanwinkel (Tielt-Winge, BE) wins the fourth national first prize in his career thanks to Lucky Blue (BE05-2202296)

It was obviously not the 10 year old Lucky Blue that won the national first prize from Montluçon. The victory was won by her granddaughter, the 159-hen (BE13-2052159).

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(20/06/2015) Montluçon 2015 | National winner Belgium old birds: Vanwinkel Jef (Tielt-Winge)

The National winner Belgium from Montluçon in the category "old birds" is Vanwinkel Jef (Tielt-Winge).The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 13:32:56 CEST after a race of 537.679 km, achieving an average velocity of 1271.31 m/min.


(23/01/2014) PIPA-ranking: Best Guéret-bird (2012-2013) – 3 prizes

This PIPA-ranking lists the best birds from Guéret with 3 prizes. The available national, zonal and provincial results of Guéret 2012, Guéret I and II in 2013 were taken into account for this ranking.


(25/10/2013) Double National van Jef Vanwinkel (Tielt-Winge, BE) puts on a great performance

Jef Vanwinkel has managed to win the zonal first prize from Guéret (Zone C in 2012 and Zone C1 in 2013) two years in a row with one pigeon: the Double National (BE11-2085137). She was originally called Almost National, because she was very close to a national win from Guéret 2012, where she won the zonal first prize. She was renamed after the race from Guéret II on 7 September 2013.


(17/12/2012) Jef Vanwinkel (Tielt-Winge, BE): inventor of the hens method in Belgium

Hendrik Conscience was the man who taught people to read. Jef Vanwinkel might be seen as the man who taught fanciers to race with hens.


(09/12/2011) Jef Vanwinkel (Tielt-Winge, BE) sees a successful 2011 sport season crowned with prominent title win!

The pigeon colony from Jef Vanwinkel has had a very strong season once again, and that resulted in a.o. the winning of the 1° Prov Ace bird Grand Middle Distance Youngsters, National Super loft Grand Middle Distnce 'Duivenblad', 4° Nat. Champion Grand Middle Distance KBDB in 2011! Strong performances once again...


(18/01/2011) Jef Vanwinkel - Tielt-Winge (BE)... pigeon sport without ‘frills’, nut with top performances based on a foundation built up with real ‘winners’!

Jef Vanwinkel is one of the leading tenors in the provincial and national ‘grand middle distance’ of our country… with a colony which was built up with pure ‘performance pigeons’!


(02/12/2010) Wutai-Berg One Loft Race in China werd gewonnen door Jef Vanwinkel - Tielt-Winge (BE)

Wutai-Berg One Loft Race (Provincie Jiangsu, China) is een van de One Loft Race pioniers in China.


(14/08/2010) Jef Van Winkel, Tielt-Winge achieves the 3°national victory of his career by winning the 1° National Argenton Youngsters!

The national Argenton was the 2° National classic of the season for youngsters on the agenda. It was once again a weekend with ‘a tail’… because the pigeons were not liberated until Monday, in sunny weather and fine racing conditions along the entire racing line.


(31/03/2010) Jef Vanwinkel - Tielt-Winge (BE) The sting was in the tail of the season

Describing « Jef Vanwinkel » as the face of the pigeon sport, not many will disapprove because the fanciers who can look back at such a richly filled pigeon career as this proven postman from Tielt-Winge are few and far between.


(16/03/2009) Vanwinkel J. - Tielt-Winge

Jef Vanwinkel, Tielt-Winge - B
2de nationaal kampioen KBDB Jaarlingen 2008